Indianapolis Morning Host Speaks Out After Home Shooting


Cumulus Media Indianapolis’ WFMS talent Matt Malone opened up on air after his home was riddled with bullets last Tuesday night while he slept. The Indy’s Morning Show with Deb, Kevin and Matt co-host believes he was not the intended target, but is shaken nonetheless.

Malone, who has lived in his duplex for more than a year, described the unsettling discovery of bullet holes through his bathroom window, front steel door, and, particularly distressing, the couch where he frequently sleeps.

The incident was captured by Malone’s Ring doorbell camera, which recorded gunfire and even showed two individuals in ski masks near his home shortly before the shots were fired. Despite the fear, Malone expressed a commitment to community safety in Indianapolis, voicing a desire to be part of the solution to such violent incidents.

Malone shared his gratitude for the widespread concern and well-wishes, emphasizing the positive impact of collective goodwill in the face of adversity.


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