Deadline Extended: Shirley Davenport On Why Medallas Matter


Radio Ink has extended the 2024 Medallas de Cortez deadline, recognizing the shining stars in Hispanic radio. To discuss the impact of Hispanic radio, we talked to last year’s Medallas winner for General Manager of the Year, Shirley Davenport of Curtis Media Group in Winston/Salem, NC

Radio Ink: What makes Hispanic radio vital to the Hispanic community in your area?

Shirley Davenport: We have a large community of first- and second-generation Hispanics, many of whom do not speak English and rely on us not only for their music and entertainment, but for news and education as well. 100% live and local, our talent has been on-air with our station anywhere from seven to twenty years. The connection that each of them have with our audience in their own unique way exhibits trust among our listeners, as well as a loyal following of each different personality!

Radio Ink: What specific importance do you see Hispanic radio playing in the 2024 election?

Shirley Davenport: In North Carolina it will be a big year. Considered one of the swing states, the race for President is expected to be a very close one. Additionally, this year we have elections for a number of candidate positions: Governor, Attorney General, Lt. Governors, Congressional and Senate seats, and many, many more. Hispanics could definitely swing some of these votes and candidates know it.

Radio Ink: How do local businesses benefit from advertising on Hispanic Radio, and what makes your audience attractive to advertisers?

Shirley Davenport: While many advertisers saw the benefits of advertising to the Hispanic community over twenty years ago and have been successful as a result of it, the exponential growth of the Hispanic community in North Carolina in recent years, is catching the attention of more and more advertisers across the state. Many of our advertisers have bilingual staff that listen to our radio station and encourage their employers to advertise on the radio, because they understand the power of it.

If a station is “live and local” businesses have the added benefit of participating in station events, hosting their own events and having one of our personalities as an endorser. All of these elements together create a tremendous opportunity for advertisers to grow with our audience.

Radio Ink: How do you envision the future of Hispanic radio in the next decade?

Shirley Davenport: I believe radio will continue to play a big part in the lives of Hispanics as the Hispanic population continues to grow across our entire country. First generation Hispanics maintain their culture and it continues to be passed down from generation to generation. That said, each generation will continue to seek out the news, music and entertainment that Hispanic radio provides. As long as Hispanic radio remains relevant to our audiences and to each generation, Hispanic radio will continue to have a strong presence for years to come.

Radio Ink: Why is it important for the industry to specifically recognize achievement in Hispanic radio?

Shirley Davenport: As much as Hispanic radio has grown and will continue to grow, the industry is still short on talent for the demand that there is. By recognizing achievement in Hispanic radio, we are encouraging others to rise up to the opportunities that Hispanic radio has to offer, whether it is in management, sales, promotions, on-air, programming or production. And for those that have already discovered the opportunity that being a part of Hispanic radio has to offer; who have made a difference in their community, with their clients or on their teams, they deserve the recognition and to be celebrated!

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