Think vs. Feel


(By Rick Fink) I was watching House Hunters International when a realtor presented a home to prospective buyers. She asked, “What do you think about this home?” This struck a chord with me, and I wondered if “think” was the correct word to use.

“Think” is logical and left brain. “Feel” is emotional and right brain. Buying a home is clearly an emotional decision.

And, is it any different when speaking to or presenting an advertising plan to a business owner? Which word should you use?

“Mrs./Mr. Business Owner, what do you THINK about this idea and its ability to help grow your business?”


“Mrs./Mr. Business Owner, how do you FEEL about this idea and
its ability to help grow your business?”

I believe the answer depends on WHAT you are presenting and to WHOM you are presenting.

“Feel” and “Think.” Two words that when used in the same context basically have the same meaning but, when the correct word is used, it then can have a profoundly different impact. Consciously selecting the right word to use, in the right situation with the right person, could possibly impact the answer you receive from your client.

I “think” this would make a good discussion in your next training meeting. I’m wondering if you “feel” the same way!

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