Deadlines: Respect the Production Department


(By Rick Fink) “Procrastination on your part doesn’t necessarily constitute an emergency on my part.” This quote hangs on the walls at many repair and service centers, and it would be very appropriate hanging in most radio station Production Departments.

Every radio station has deadlines or cut-offs for turning in production. The question is, are the deadlines being enforced?

Pushing deadlines on a regular basis or ignoring them altogether can have serious effects on an operation. Tempers flare! When the deadline is breached, who’s to blame, and how do you fix it?

Regardless of whether it was the media rep or the business owner, the onus falls on the media rep. When the business owner procrastinates, it then becomes the media rep’s job to either make sure the client is timelier or inform them that they cannot get the ads on as planned. If it’s poor planning on the media rep, then shame on them! Worse yet, if it’s a manager or owner, double shame on them!!! You MUST lead by example!

As a manager, when someone abuses the policy, the fix is easy. Simply tell the rep that their client will not be getting on the air as planned. One time will do the trick.

To ensure it doesn’t become a problem with new clients and new media reps, train them in advance. Missing or abusing production deadlines are self-created when we don’t educate the client about the necessity of our deadlines. Having this conversation with the client at the time of the sale will go a long way.

Having a written production deadline policy that is firm and fair, and is adhered to is a must. Not only will it produce better internal relationships, which in turn will produce better campaigns and results, but it will also create happier weeknights, weekends, and holidays for everyone… especially our Production Departments!

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Rick Fink from ENS Media can be reached at 605-310-2062 or at [email protected]. Read Rick’s Radio Ink archives here.



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