How Will Radio Develop New Leaders?


With the daily changes in media consumption, technology, and audience preferences, radio’s need for innovative, adaptable, and forward-thinking leadership is more critical than ever. Who will be the next to step up, and how does the industry prepare them to lead?

Radio Ink asked Radio’s Top 20 Leaders of 2024: What must the radio industry do to develop new leaders?

“We need to pursue a method that would provide access to capital allowing more independent and minority business owners to acquire radio stations. Mentoring others would help develop and grow the leadership pool in our industry.”

“Opportunity plus autonomy is crucial to fostering our next leaders. You can’t micromanage leadership skills into an employee who shows potential. Let them get behind the wheel of the car. Make sure the breaks work and the seat belts are on but let them go! We also need an environment where opinions can be expressed and debated. If your high performers are trained to play “corporate politics” and just “yes” their way up the ladder, you will have a problem. Leaders need to have ideas, strategy, and conviction, but have they been afforded the chance to develop that muscle?”

“The direct answer is mentored experience. Future leaders need real-world experience and must be given room to make mistakes. They can learn from those mistakes through review and coaching by a mentor. I’m afraid time constraints and pressures have eliminated opportunities for the latter step. Let’s identify future leaders, encourage them to take chances, and be certain to coach them when things don’t go as planned.”

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