From Beyoncé to AI: What’s In Store at CRS?


(By Buzz Knight) Hopefully, I’ll see you in Nashville over the next few days at CRS 2024. Each year there are things I know I’ll observe, but this year there are numerous topics I’m hoping will shape the conversations in and out of sessions. Weigh in if you have others.

I know I’ll observe:

  • Incredible music that is brimming with passion.
  • Incredible legacy artists along with new and emerging artists.
  • An optimistic approach to connecting with their community.
  • A passion for helping others with the many charitable initiatives that make a difference.
  • A label community that loves its relationship with the radio community.
  • One of the absolute best conference experiences you’ll ever find.

I hope I observe a radio format:

  • That is open-minded to change, evolution and continuous improvement in an ever-changing media landscape.
  • That collaborates within its own ecosystem for the betterment of all.
  • That respects diversity of sounds, artistic freedom, and a quality first approach.
  • That acknowledges that one of the biggest stars in the world in Beyoncé at least needs to be heard, and ultimately will let the audience decide if she fits or not.
  • That works at developing new on-air talent as a bridge to the future.
  • That is willing to help those displaced by job cuts to find new opportunities.
  • That is open minded to partnerships that can extend the brand reach. Could this include DSP’s?
  • That will consider the possibilities of artificial intelligence by taking a clean slate approach and be open to what it can do to create better content.

Join me at the AI Town Hall Thursday at 8:30a moderated by Mike McVay alongside Fred Jacobs and Zena Burns as we discuss the challenges and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence. Bring your questions as our goal is to help you to be better informed and be inspired about AI.

Buzz Knight can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]. Read Buzz’ Radio Ink archives here.


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