AI At Work: Bringing Outside Potential Into Radio


(By Buzz Knight) The radio business is still in the early stages of trying to figure out the most effective use cases for AI at work. Sometimes, when a business is trying to get a foothold, it’s helpful to observe how other businesses are successfully integrating the same practice.

Let’s look at three realms putting AI to good use that might trigger your own creative breakthrough:

AI in TV, Film, and Gaming

Disney has always been at the forefront of innovation and their Disney Research Studios are exploring Affective AI with the purpose of gaining a deeper understanding on analysis and detection of emotional states. Disney will be able to model and predict audience reaction that will help guide them in the content creation journey for greater success in reaching their target audience.

Imagine how powerful it would be for them to use AI to look at the character development or plot line of a film or movie and make the final production stronger and more successful – then imagine a radio use case that would have a similar application in content creation helping to make a morning show more effective in connecting with its audience.

Video game developer Activision-Blizzard is another great example of AI innovation with their recent patent that generates music in a video game unique to each player by way of tapping AI algorithms. Radio can definitely benefit from better personalization when it comes to maximizing an omnichannel approach to connecting with its audience.

AI in Sports

By using machine learning, computer vision, and other AI technologies we are witnessing a transformation on how we experience sports. The spectrum of use cases in sports ranges from using artificial intelligence to improve player performance to maximizing fan engagement.

The NBA has been on the leading edge with AI, partnering with Microsoft’s Azure platform to analyze social media data to create a personalized fan experience. They have also partnered with a company called Second Spectrum to use machine learning algorithms to track player movements in real time. The purpose here is to gather insights that would improve player performance and help to prevent injuries.

AI in Health and Wellness

We’ve seen AI usage grow in the medical industry with every CES. The technology is completely changing the way healthcare professionals can diagnose treat and manage diseases.

On the retail side of wellness, CVS has partnered with Microsoft’s Azure to personalize customer and patient experiences by selecting millions of offers for millions of customers every day, enhancing and personalizing its loyalty program.

If we look at AI as a compliment and enhancement to existing core strategies, we stand a better chance for audience and customer growth by way of a better user experience, greater insights, and a one-to-one approach to audience engagement.

Join me at CRS 2024’s AI Town Hall on Thursday, February 29 at 8:30a to explore the ins and outs of AI with moderator Mike McVay along with Zena Burns and Fred Jacobs.

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