NAB Unveils AI Certification Program For Broadcasters


As the use of artificial intelligence becomes one of the most provocative topics in broadcasting, the NAB is partnering with Future Media Concepts on an AI certification program. The course, both online and at NAB Show 2024, will have a radio-centered track.

These workshops are tailored to equip creatives at the forefront of innovation with the latest AI tools and techniques. Besides the Broadcast Radio segment, lessons also include sound mastering and the legality and ethics of AI in content creation. AI tools in focus will include Descript, Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, DALL·E, Adobe Audition, and Izotope RX, among others.

Online courses are available now, with the in-person workshops scheduled for April 17 at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

NAB Industry Affairs EVP April Carty-Sipp said, “We know broadcasters are looking for cost-effective ways to educate their teams on how to implement AI to increase operational efficiency and innovation. NAB is excited to partner with Future Media Conferences to offer detailed AI certification trainings for television and radio broadcasters. Whether you are just beginning to explore how AI can improve productivity or currently deploying AI at your station, this course will show you how to get the most out of AI to drive sales, create content and stay ahead of the competition.”

FMC President and Founder Ben Kozuch expressed, “We believe in enriching creative workflows with AI, offering tools that bring out the best in each professional. It’s about empowering them to explore new horizons without losing sight of their core strengths.”


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