App Downloads Get Huge Boost From AM/FM Radio


App developers hoping to get a leg up on the competition have a new best friend for marketing: radio. Audacy has released results from its comprehensive campaign to boost downloads of its app. This initiative spanned AM/FM, streaming, and on-demand audio.

As the campaign was a resounding success, resulting in over 1.4 million app downloads, Audacy collaborated with data analytics firm Redbird to conduct a Media Mix Modeling study.

This study assessed the impact of each audio channel on app downloads, providing valuable insights for future campaigns. The Redbird findings, which analyzed 24 campaigns and 92 different creatives, revealed that all audio channels contributed to conversions, enhancing ad performance.

A multi-channel audio approach effectively influences listeners to explore new options, a crucial factor for advertisers seeking to drive conversions. 98% of smartphone owners use apps, but they are exploring fewer options, with the average user installing fewer apps compared to previous years.

Notably, over-the-air radio emerged as the top contributor, generating the most downloads and offering the best return on ad spend. This channel proved to be the most effective and cost-efficient, driving 3.6 downloads for every $100 spent on advertising.

The qualitative aspect of the study provided insights into which creative messaging resonated most with listeners. Advertisements that mentioned well-known names, sports tie-ins with major league partners, and nostalgic references to holiday programming significantly increased listener engagement and action.

Audacy’s Director of Media and Consumer Marketing Christina Wisboro emphasized, “We’re able to show that Audio is effective, and have the metrics to back it up. That goes a long way for a media planner who needs to demonstrate ROI to their clients.”


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