Top Strategies To Introduce Digital Advertising To Radio Clients


2024 marks the debut of a new Radio Ink list honoring excellence in digital sales. Each of our honorees is a pioneer in developing digital opportunities within their stations and groups: they are an amazing bunch!

We question we asked these top digital sales professionals was, “How do you introduce digital advertising to a client who has exclusively purchased on-air spots in the past?”

Here are some of the answers we received:

“Although most clients understand the importance of digital marketing, they may not grasp how it complements on-air advertising. Radio and digital marketing work exceptionally well together, providing clients access to their target audience wherever they consume content. By building the brand on-air, the online user exposed to it on a trusted medium like radio is more likely to choose it when needed. We help advertisers be known on-air and found online.”

“The main challenge often lies in helping them understand the unique benefits of digital marketing, such as precise targeting, real-time analytics, and a broader reach. If a client is not spending money on capturing potential customers while the customers are in the research phase of the buying journey, then they are just promoting their competition that is online.’

“Remind clients that advertising doesn’t work in silos; it works together. On-air advertising generally isn’t a direct response medium — it’s best for brand awareness. Radio gets the name out, but digital brings them through. I rarely purchase from a company that I’ve never heard of before. Audio establishes credibility and mass awareness on a level you can’t get elsewhere, while digital garners the leads, clicks, and conversions. Both tactics are a necessary component of any well-rounded campaign.”

Our January issue includes an interview with our executive of the year, Curtis LeGeyt, a conversation with Chicago radio-personality-turned-professional-presence coach Catherine Johns, and highlights of holiday season community events sponsored by radio stations.

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  1. Here’s something to ask these digital sellers. How often does the money needed to fund this digital campaign come from a radio budget? What percentage of the time is investment in digital over and above their former investment in radio? My gut tells me rarely, if ever is the digital investment completely new money or $ taken from other media such as TV, outdoor, etc.


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