‘Superhuman Public Radio’ Returns For Season Two


The audio drama Superhuman Public Radio is back for a second season, delving deeper into the superhuman world’s ongoing conflicts and issues. Produced by John Dorsey and Maximilian Clark, the show resumes its narrative months after the events of its inaugural season.

The second season promises to offer an intricate look at the superhuman world, blending elements of superhero comics and real-world news reporting. New episodes of Superhuman Public Radio will be released weekly on Wednesdays, until the season finale on December 13th.

Season Two will focus on the controversial Super Act, a law that threatens to reveal the identities of all superhumans in the United States. It will also explore the diverging paths of Apoorva and Juhi, daughters of the late hero Quantum. While Apoorva has joined SPR as a junior reporter, Juhi is collaborating with the super-activist group Incognito.

In addition to family tensions, the new season will feature the rogue hero Cosmos, who continues to provide sanctuary for illegal superhumans on his island of Xen. Cosmos faces opposition from his supervillain rival, Prince Nokov, who is calling for more direct action. Meanwhile, President Norris is courting the Alt-Right group NormCore to consolidate power, disregarding a domestic threat that claimed the life of his predecessor.


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