Radio Ideal For Targeting College Football Super Fans, Says Study


The upcoming college football season promises to be a promising opportunity for advertisers, particularly those aiming to reach a passionate and engaged audience through AM/FM. According to a recent study by Katz Radio Group, the most fervent fans are tuning into games on the radio, making them an ideal target for brands.

The survey, conducted with over 500 college football fans at the end of last season, revealed that 44% considered themselves to be “big fans.” However, those who listened to games on the radio were found to be even more committed, being 40% more likely to be “big fans.”

These radio listeners were not only more passionate but also more likely to invest time and money in the sport. They displayed a higher likelihood of attending games, watching at bars or restaurants, tailgating, buying team apparel, and placing bets on college football action.

In addition, the radio listeners were not only active consumers but also more receptive to advertising. They were 31% more likely to notice brands that advertised during college games and 66% more likely to consider using those brands. This connection between brands and loyal, engaged audiences makes college football a valuable avenue for advertisers.


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