Air1 Changes Direction


After 20-plus years of playing Christian hits to its more than four million listeners, Air1 (headquartered in Rocklin, CA) has fine-tuned its playlist with a focus on worship music. The new Air1, Worship Now debuted January 1 with 10,000 songs in a row, commercial-free. While the new playlist features current, familiar artists such as Jeremy Camp, Tauren Wells and NeedtoBreathe, the majority of the new line-up focuses on songs that have received little-to-no airplay, including Hillsong, Elevation Worship, Vertical Worship and others.

“During the past year, we’ve talked to the most important people we know, our listeners. We asked them what aspects of the station resonate with them and what was missing,” said Randy Chase, VP of Radio at Air1. “The result is a high-concept station where every hour of music is custom mixed, with an emphasis on worship.”

“The new Air1 has a one-of-a-kind design,” added Mandy Young, Program Director. “While supporting multiple Contemporary Christian Music styles, we heard what our listeners want. We deliver music variety with a focus on contemporary worship.”

The station features Dan and Michelle in the Morning, middays with 10-year veteran Mandy, afternoons with Mike Shaeffer and Lauren Lee, and nights with Ashton.


  1. Seems like CCM stations are just having listeners vote on what they think of the songs they are already playing rather than seeming to actually play what they really want to hear by allowing them to put in song suggestions. Most CCM stations seem to mostly sound the same compared to before COVID even. Some CCM stations are still better than others though. Not saying that the music is bad but Air 1 definitely was more upbeat than K-LOVE or SPIRIT 105.3 before the change and now both K-LOVE and 105.3 are more upbeat than Air 1 but still mostly sounding the same. Now Air 1 plays mostly slow worship with some of the songs definitely putting people to sleep even more than the locally-based CCM stations and really needs to go back to “Positive Hits. I think the 2013-2018 era of Air 1 was its best era since I don’t really like it being mostly rock. I don’t believe the format was ever perfect and maybe some tweaks could happen but not to make the music slower by flipping to mostly all-Worship.

  2. A few years ago in Phoenix I saved a Christian station on my car radio that was playing some good Alternative Christian rock from Skillet, Cutlass, Creed, etc thinking it was Air 1. When I found out it wasn’t I went looking for Air 1 to have a station along with the one I had been listening to! I used the style of music as the indicator to find Air 1. The station I later found that I had thought was was K-Love was in fact Air 1. I didn’t understand what was happening! Where was the edgy alternative Christian Rock, Rap, Blues, etc? They were playing one genre of music “worship” or really church service music and nothing else. It was evident that they took a journey into a private echo chamber and only now catered to the choir! I’m also surprised that the producers and content creators at Air 1 and K-Love don’t understand that worship of God is not limited to a style of music but is expressed in many forms of music as well as in forms other than music. Worship is simply giving reverence to God! I’ve written poetry that is in fact worship!
    Since then I have discovered that their claim is that they’re playing the music that their listeners were demanding. Well, I was one of their listeners and I wasn’t demanding church worship so I wondered what audience that was!

    First let me give a little background as to what listener audience I am. I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area and I started listening to K-Love in about 1992. Back then their was no Air 1 and contemporary Christian music was new to me! I was excited that it even existed and I thanked the Lord that I found that station! I would listen to it on the long drive to Santa Cruz, CA. from Oakland, CA. I also had a mail subscription to a Christian record club. I began to notice that I was getting better music from the record/CD club than
    K-Love was playing so I wrote a letter to them inquiring as to why there weren’t playing Newsboys, DC Talk, etc and also genres like Christian blues, Christian jazz, Christian rock etc. I received a reply letter and with no real explanation they unapologetically stated in brief, “those Christian’s artists are not OUR brand of music.” It was singed by a man whose name I believe was Robert Jenkins. It became very clear to me that K-Love was not playing Christian music that their audience wanted to hear rather they were playing only what their station approved of. It was also evident that they only approved Of very “middle of the road” and mediocre Christian music! I had also become a supporter, but after that letter I dropped my support ($20/mo) and mostly listened to my CD’s and meagerly tuned into K-Love.

    Well, it looks like they’re doing it again, but with Air 1! I do believe Air 1 is responding to their audience, a sliver of it that is, and they’re using it as a justification to sideline all of the Christian music that AIR1 DOES NOT APPROVE OF!
    I also believe that there’s another aspect. I think Air 1 and K-Love are probably getting financial support from Christian record producers to offset what they don’t get in listener funding or to boost their financial revenue, so they’re playing what the Christian Labels want them to play. Either way the process is corrupted!
    Air 1 also no longer takes callers, so why do they not want to hear from their listeners if that’s who they’re responding to? Something else; why does a Christian radio station have DJ,s that rarely discuss scripture, rarely offer prayer for anyone or speak in faith for the needs of those hurting and destitute? What is their actual mission?
    When a radio station plays, it is broadcasts to all people. Air 1 does not seem to have that in mind. As is evidenced by the comments in this forum! They broadcast for a narrow band of Christian listeners and only the content they deem worthy, not what their audience approves of. Unfortunately The producers and content managers at Air 1 and K-Love appear to be severely limited by their own subculture, doctrinal stances, and narrow outlook of what Christianity can be and the variety in which it can be expressed! Fortunately God himself and many Christian artists are not that way and I look forward to God granting either myself or other talented broadcasters The wherewithal to start an alternative Christian broadcasting service to K-Love where many talented and better Christian musicians can be heard by listeners who’ve been starved of better contemporary Christian music! Also those musicians can get the just audience they are so deserving of and get their Christian message to their listeners!

    • Brian,
      RadioU and Blast.FM (I like the Blender one specifically) may be what you are looking for? But I agree. Somehow so many Christian music stations start off strong but then eventually go toward middle of the road, bland music. Let me know in this comment thread if you find any other good Christian stations.

      • I loved the old Air1 and was VERY disappointed when they switched over to playing only worship music. I grew up listening to Air1 and I still remember a lot of songs that were played then. From what I remember, they played a lot of up-beat music from artists such as Group1crew, TobyMac, Kutless, Royal Tailor, Joshua Micah, Tenth Avenue North, Family Force 5, Stryper, Red, Fireflight, Jeremy Camp, Britt Nicole, Lecrae, etc. Sorry that the list was so long, I just miss seeing those band/artist names. Now, the only bands and artist that I see up on Air1 are Elevation Worship, Phil Wickham, Chris Tomlin, Hillsong, Hillsong & more Hillsong. I honestly have nothing against worship music, as long as you’re not making it a 24/7 thing on a radio station. I wouldn’t mind 100% worship music on a Sunday morning, but that’s it.
        I have searched high and low, near and far, for a radio station that would be like the old Air1, but have found absolutely nothing like it. Since then, I have come to the conclusion that Air1 was the only station of its kind, and that there will never be another station like it. It’s really very sad, and like many others, I’ve had to turn to my cd’s for the music that I want and it gets really old to have to keep switching them out, but oh well, I guess I’ll do whatever it takes to get the music I want. I’ve also started listening to a lot of Christian rap/hip-hop music and I enjoy it, but every now and then I feel like listening to CCM stuff and that’s usually when I put in a cd.
        As for stations that I have found while trying to find anything close to the old Air1, I didn’t find much because like I said, there won’t ever be a station so great like the past Air1, but here are some stations that I listen to: NGEN radio (I think NGEN is only available on the app now), BOOST radio ( I listen to BOOST on the app because I don’t live anywhere close to a place where they broadcast), Positive Hits WGCA (This is a Christian out of Quincy, Illinois, but again, I listen on the app because it’s too far away from me to get a signal. For anyone reading this that lives there, tune into 88.5 FM) Hope 103.2 ( This is actually a station out of Sydney, Australia. Lol told you that I’ve searched far. Anyways, it has the most unique playlist of music that I’ve ever heard on a Christian music station. Really, you’d have to listen to it for yourself to understand.)
        So that’s it. Again, I was not happy with Air1 when they switched to playing music only for the church choirs and pastors. I got rid of the Air1 app and don’t want anything to do with them again unless they switch back, which is not going to happen, that would take a miracle. Let me know what you think of the stations I listed if any of you readers decide to try them out. I wouldn’t blame you though, if you didn’t even want to give one of them a try, I know that searching for something like Air1 is a pain in the butt. Worship music is most certainly NOT the only good genre of music out there. Long live hip-hop, rap, pop, funk, soul, jazz, blues, rock/metal, country, ska, whatever it is that’s not worship.

      • You mean like Way FM. They used to play Christian CHR type music then eventually went to the bland Christian AC format they have today. For a while they kept some of the younger based music but I believe they dropped those and only play the younger based songs that are already in the Christian format in general.

  3. I was really tired of hearing the same news on the compass every hour on the hour.
    Friday night I touched my radio changer by accident and Air 1 came on. I now have it on upstairs and downstairs 24/7. So far I’m enjoying it.
    I miss some of the preachers. Actually Alister Begg. Dont care for ones that scream .

  4. I stopped listening and supporting Air1 after the change. I’m sorry but all worship is a snoozefest and does not/will not grab anyone other than people who already are Christians. Their music drew me in and the messages were incredible. I learned a lot and could worship by dancing to the great music! Now I can’t make it through more than two songs before changing the station. I really have no decent Christian station anymore so I’ve been listening to secular music again.

    • has an app station called spark, it plays some pretty good Christian music, a lot of the Christian music stations have switched from the Jesus music to worship. I like up beat too, I drive a lot and can’t take slow songs. I had unlimited amazon prime music for a while and played a lot of the jesus music Era of music on it. Also there is an app called that has rock, hard rock, classic rock, contemporary and worship Christian music. I listen to the classic rock one on it. Also on Spotify there is a Playlist called not rewind that plays a lot of the older 90’s Jesus music Christian rock. Check them out, hopefully you find one you like.

  5. 2½ years later and I still don’t listen to the “new” Air 1. The old format was so much better. To make matters worse I was signed up for their “insiders” list (you know, the whole “give us feedback on what we play” thing) and never once got an email asking about a possible format change. I stopped donating since I no longer listen.

  6. Wow, I’m surprised at all the negative feedback for Air1! It is very different than KLove radio. Air1 plays much more worship songs than KLove. It’s very noticeable! I love Air1! They play more Hillsong, Elevate Worship, Vertical Worship, etc – exactly what this article stated. KLove doesn’t play any of those artists. I’m so grateful for Air1!

  7. I like many do miss the old Air1 radio station. Those positive and encouraging songs from Disciple, Red, Decyfer Down, Skillet, Thousand Foot Kutch, etc are missed on the air waves. I guess the only radio station to come close to the old Air1 is Way FM, but their frequency is too far to listen to it. Many times I settle on K love and His Radio, but these stations don’t even come close to the old Air1 station. I have been listening to Christian Rock for over 30 years when Petra, White Heart, Whitecross, Bride, Guardian, DC Talk, etc were jamming away so I’ve seen Christian Rock/Metal come a long ways. There’s that crowd too that can’t be reached on regular worship music. I recall that testimony from that individual who was suicidal and then listened to Red’s “Hold Me Now” and he was saved. This was a powerful testimony. I miss the old Air1 so much.

  8. I am very sad Air1 changed formats. The rock format provided something no one else did and it was making a huge impact on the Christian rock genera. I really love what Air1 stands for and the great job they are doing to get the gospel to the masses but there is a huge void getting the message to young people and that is what made Air1 so important. We have three other worship stations to choose from in the Dallas area and now Air1 is just another in the crowd.

  9. In Chicago I think positive Encouraging K-love should’ve just stayed at 94.3 and 97.9 the Former WLUP Rock Station The Loop should have become The Old Testement Fire & Brimstone of Christian Music stations that really Mows Down The Amorites.

    • Air 1 is a great station. Another great station is Boost radio from st Louis plays pop hip hop and hope. On air in Chicago at 97.5 fm

  10. I like the ‘old Air1’ better too. Also about older band Air1 played a lot they were along the lines of Skillet, POD, Pillar, Kutless energetic rock but not a ‘big name’ band and I believe did only one cd 1998 or 99 or 2000 I believe cover had a man or black and white man shadow face portrait on front. I ask cuz my house burned down Air1 used to play them even after early 2000s but now w the new format I haven’t heard in years. Any help is greatly appreciated thx… seacliffnights g/\/\ail c0/\/\

  11. I have to agree with several people. Before I gave my life to Jesus Christ, I only church to be about as boring as boring can get. I grew up with almost all the popular genres of music. Rock, country, some rap, blues, etc. On my paper route I had, I was bugged about going to church. I finally did on a young adult group, they told me about Petra, Newsboys and several other bands. If it hadn’t for some of those bands I was introduced to, I would never went to church, to be honest, K-love music is ok now days almost 30 years later, but then, forget it. I heard the old air1 and I was like Wow! Good stuff! Maybe Air1 will make a air2 with like Whitecross, White Heart, Stryper to name a few. Would be more than glad to support Air2

  12. I’m a new listener to Air1. I have a 40 minute drive to work at 2:00 am in the morning. DJ Ashton is great! Keeps me on the up during the lonely highway drive. Then when I get to my office I continue to listen to Air1. Not sure what the old format was, but I love what you’re doing now. Air1 helps me maintain a attitude of worship while working in a correctional facility with all types of people. Ashton is my guy…..keep up the good work Ash!

  13. The new Air1 sounds just like KLove. If I wanted to hear the songs that KLove plays I would listen to KLove. I’m very disappointed in this change. I hope you will go back to playing more varieties of Christian artist like Kirk Franklin, Red, Pillar, and older songs from artist like DC Talk, Audio Adrenaline, Pillar etc.

    • I completely agree…. I’m having trouble helping fund Air1 now… I’ve been praying about it and still feel the same… if I wanted the softer stuff, I’d just listen to KLove.

  14. I hardly ever comment on anything, but this is something I needed to comment on! I’m a little late to the news, but just turned on my air1 app to stream after a long time because I needed something different than K-LOVE. They play the same songs over and over, and hardly ever play any other genres or artists! I knew air1 would be refreshing and I would get to listen to more diverse genres of Christian music that reflex different moods and artists, but no!!! I’m sad that now all the Christian stations are basically the same, even SiriusXM The Message. Don’t get me wrong I love worship music and the power of it, but not 24/7! They said they “listened to their listeners” but I’m not sure who they’re listening to because I’m pretty sure the majority of people like variety! So disappointing, I’ve talked to a lot of people that say they don’t listen to Christian music because it’s so boring, and air1 ain’t helping. If you want to bring people to the Christian faith and continue to witness to them then play the type of music that pulls them in..this includes worship music. Okay I’m done ranting, I needed to get that off my chest. (Insert sad sigh)

  15. An excellent lyrical example of Rock genre: Flyleaf, Album Memento Mori – song title: Circle. This is Jesus’ arm and body being sacrificed on the Cross of Calvary. The Rock Band is signaling, singing, messaging to every ear that listens of Jesus’ love for The Father and love for us. Emery band, Album: We Do What We Want, song title: Fix Me. The band is messaging that our degrading lives and world need Jesus to fix us, Redeem us, and Save our Souls. Air1 will benefit, not only in $, but, in Spiritual benefits with The Almighty, Sovereign God. God’s sacrifice and architectural mind love for the world is greater than the Millionaires dictating what “is best to hear” in radio.

  16. I agree with Claire Frances Lloyd’s comment. Air1 is sister station with KLOVE 100.3. Why force a change of Evangelical Rock reaching genre to All peoples to combine two sister stations in Contemporary Christian music. When KLOVE 100.3 commenced, replacing The Sound, I was not in agreement from the start of having two Contemporary Christian Radio stations – Does Not Make Sense! I was an Air1 monthly supporter for the great Evangelical Message sent out to EVERYONE. Change Air1 to the Rock station melody and riffs that it had. There is much rich Rock music coming out with Biblical Lyrics that speak to our dark age that deceive many and including the elect of Jesus. We need a Air1 Christian Rock Station to re-instate rock genre like Flyleaf, 7th Day Slumber, Skillet, Red, Ivoryline, Everyday Sunday, POD, Thousand Foot Krutch, Switchfoot, FireFlight, Emery, Toby Mac, Jesus Culture and so many Other Rock Genre Artists. Make a distinctive approach in having two Radio sister stations to reach out to different people of our World. The Youth of our world need the Air1 Radio Station that was not what it became after 2018. The rate of darkness rising, Youth and Adult need direct message to our senses and to return to God! Please, Parent Company, Educational Media Foundation, how can you own two radio stations aiming on Contemporary sound Music.

  17. I’m not happy with the new direction and won’t really be listening. There’s tons of stations out there playing worship music. Air1 was the place for contemporary Christian music. I think the station is pandering to whoever has money, that’s not really Christian. Even if they had moved in a direction I like, just for that alone, I don’t want to support the station. They seem to be becoming extremely evangelical. Not every aspect of Christian music has to be worship to be valid and enjoyed. Christian music speaks to all of our modern day struggles and provides guidance and support, and light-hearted fun for the times we need it. Contemporary Christian music is constantly glorifying god in it’s essence. This feels very forced and inauthentic. Not a fan. All this is doing is pushing people back to secular radio. I am in London England, there is no other contemporary station that I know of. So, secular music it is. Have to maybe use Spotify I guess for this.

    • I agree, where is my Skillet?!? No other Christian station played that high energy Music. I’m sad. I think Karen is now the music director of Air1.

  18. Barren Cross, White Cross, Undercover, The 77’s, Barnabus, Randy Stonehill, B.J. Thomas, Steve Taylor Crumbächer, Kerry Livgren (for a short time), Bob Dylan (for a short time) Andre Crouch and the Disciples, Skillet, and more.

    ALL of these artists that are now either disbanded, or performers gave up, or died, have really encouraged me in my walk with Jesus much more than worship music and hymns. Yes, worship music is great at church, and the old hymns are inspirational, but God uses ALL forms of music to draw people closer to Him, and to help us all with our daily struggles.

    It is not only wealthy people who contribute to radio, but people from all walks of life and income levels. My wife and I used to listen and donate to Air1, but we lost interest when they went to their “Worship Only” format.

    The now deceased “King of Christian Rock-n-Roll, Larry Norman wes wrote a song and a book entitled ” Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music?” If he were still alive, he would probably shake his head and cry that the style of music that Jesus used through Larry and many other types of Christian music, are now only played on Mp3’s, CD’s, cassettes, 8 tracks, and record players. However, most genres of Christian music is censored off of the radio and now even Satellite airwaves. In my opinion, it is not just about money why stations have changed so much. We are living in a World where it seems that most Christian’s are afraid of offending LGBT people, or people from other religions. I would rather offend people by playing and listening to music of ALL forms that builds ALL believers up, and encourages non-believers to come to Jesus. The former Christian “Arena Rock” group (Petra) even sang scripture in their songs, as well as backed up every song with scripture in their old album “More Power To Ya” and other albums when there used to be inserts in cassette tapes, as well as printed on the inside or outside of album covers.

    Another point that I would like to make to Air 1 and other “Worship Only” or “Worship Dominant” radio stations, is that non-believers will not listen to worship music. Didn’t Jesus himself tell us to “Go ye into all the World and preach the Gospel to all mankind”? This is known as the Great Commission.

    On a personal note, I haven’t posted much on my blogspot website for years, because of my mother’s death, as well as I have kind of forgotten about it with all of the distractions of the internet, photography, and trying to stay as one with my wife by encouraging her in the Word, as well as helping her when I can.

    • I agree with you! If I want to listen to “new Air 1” I would just switch over to K-Love. What I LOVED listening to was Skillet, TobyMac, Switchfoot, Newsboys, Red, Plumb, Jeremy Camp etc. with a little of the worship stuff mixed in. My one gripe though was the 3 decades of christian rock/hip-hop before 2015 was largely ignored! I NEVER heard Stryper, Guardian, Petra, Out of the Grey and rarely heard Rebecca St. James, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant or Jaci Velasquez. Every now and then they would mix in one older song and play it in heavy rotation for a few weeks which was weird. Where is the creativity? For every 7-8 new songs played over and over mix in a blast from the past. How about an 80’s, 90’s rock hour every now and then? Stryper was on MTV for crying out loud and STILL doing well! Btw, I’ll share a cool White Cross story since you mentioned them. I was back stage talking to the singer, Scott Wenzel and while prepping his stage clothes I asked about his blue jeans with specks of white paint. I think he said he lived in Kentucky and when the band wasn’t touring he made money painting houses! It’s just so funny because to fans like you and me, Scott was a celebrity. You assume that when you see these guys on TV, radio, holding their award winning albums that they are all rich and don’t have to work outside of touring and making music. But outside our “Heaven’s Metal” community he’s just a regular guy doing what he needs to do to pay the bills.

  19. Air1 just turned in the wrong direction! I’m from NJ and listening to NGEN for the first time and it reminds of the old Air1!!!!!!! Now Air1 sounds like KLOVE (which plays the same old songs from the past 2 decades as if they were new! There are very few radio stations that plays Christian hip-hop! I always wondered why theses artists never got air play.

  20. What happened to Air1 in Indianapolis Indiana. I started my drive to work today in silence. I had to play a playlist on my phone to have worship music to listen to.

    • Thank you for these replies. I’ve been deeply discouraged from the current rave of “Christian worship-style music” only on Air1 and K-Love. I, too, relish in the great days of true, sincere Christian rock, metal, and praise of the 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. Some recent deeper research into what I didn’t know about Hillsong, Bethel, and Passion has disturbed me. Now it seems they pretty much own or greatly influence most of today’s “contemporary” Christian artists, including some that I enjoy. That is going to be the difficult part for me….breaking ties with these artists. I guess, like you, ill have to rely on my extensive CD, cassette, and MP3 collections for genuine, sincere, pure Christian music.

  21. Who are the listeners they are listening to? Just curious, cause the only people I’m seeing happy are the ones that are contributing ($) to them. But hey, no hate. You pursue want funds you best New Air1.

    For anyone looking for a rebound station try NGEN radio.

  22. I never listened to the old Air One, so not aware of what others are missing. I do really enjoy the new format. The worship and praise songs are amazing! And for those unfamiliar with Christian music who say there are plenty of stations out there playing it, there is a difference. Just as with secular music, there are different styles. I find Air One refreshing!

  23. I too am disappointed with the “new Air one”. I like the idea of hearing different artists. However, some of the songs are OLD. I used music that I heard on the old Air one for my church dance group. Now that is even harder. Plus I would like to be able to find a song I heard, but only the recent ones are listed. I can’t write down ones I like when I’m driving and usually don’t remember them by the time I stop the car. I might remember a word but am having trouble bring up any song with that word in it. Also the DJ’s such as the early morning ones remind me of other secular stations with trivia questions, etc. Less talk, more music.

  24. After reading almost all the comments I feel I have to provide an additional leading comment. I could not believe all the people on here saying things like “let “Jesus take the wheel” and enjoy the music” How can you be so callus, inconsiderate and selfish that you could think the rest of us should be expected to like the same kind of music you listen to. ALL CHRISTIAN MUSIC is Worship music: DigHayZoose, Benjamin Gate, Bride, Petra, Kim Boyce, Rachel Rachael, Susan Ashton, Rebecca St James are ALL worship music. I have absolutely no desire to listen to this (and “boring” is not strong enough a term) Old People, Nursing Home, Funeral Parlor Music you call “worship” now being played on Air1`. And I can guarantee you Air1 is NOT going to be attracting teenagers or 20 somethings with their current format.

    • All Christian music isn’t worship .-. It’s supposed to be uplifting or fun but worship music won’t help a Christian in tribulation it just makes the hole of the problem even bigger

    • This is the problem with youth. Not attacking you personally because In my early 30s I’m still guilty of this at times.

      But worship isn’t about us… it’s not about whether we like the melody or how it’s someone sings it, etc.. it’s about focusing our hearts on Christ and praising Him for who He is.

      We are way too self focused in 2019. Worship isn’t about me or you, it’s about the One who created all things. I say with respect as I’m also guilty of it.

  25. We already have Christian worship stations running out of our ears, a dime a dozen. The Fish, KLove, Spirit FM and the list goes on and on. How many ALTERNATIVE Christian stations are there? Very few. So now Air1 is a cookie cutter clone of the over supplied worship genre. I will be looking elsewhere for alternative Christian music.

  26. Look I LOVE the NEW AIR1…. It is a nice change and a more diverse worship station. it really is. There are less of the same old boring songs on repeat. I still think that there could be some different rap worship, cuz there is some by beautiful Eulogy. AND there is some nice slow worship from Doxology… BUT I ALSO WANT TO ADD, that I do understand from where others are coming from!!! When I was a kid I remember the skillet lacrae, trip lee toby mac and news boys. BUT SOMEHOW there like never on the radio anymore… why? bad call, that is what people wanted. People like to jam in their cars without having the guilt of knowing it’s secular raido stations.

  27. Give LF radio a shot. They have their own app but can also be found on TuneIn. They are what the Old (great) Air One used to be. Lecrea, 21 Pilots, NF, Tedashi, Skillet etc etc.

  28. Sorry to say Air 1 is not my go-to station anymore. I am now forced to listen to K-Love. Sad. Your amateur hour performers just aren’t doing it for me. I expect to go to church and hear worship teams like them but not to hear it on my radio station all week long. 😔

  29. Hi Air One….
    Thank you so much for putting the emphasis back on worship…thats why we were created…if we dont the rocks will.

  30. I like the change. Mostly, I’d like to know why you’re now on a former K-LOVE station in Phoenix. Did you acquire K-LOVE, just the station, etc. ? I’m particularly curious about the TRENDS in Christian media outreach.

  31. As for me, I like the worship now format on Air1. It is different than KLove, WayFM, AFR, SBN, BBN, Bott, HouseFM, and a few other Christian stations in my area. As for the former format of Air1, try WayFM. They were two networks with nearly identical formats, maybe that is why Air1 went to a worship oriented format

  32. New air1 sucks. Let’s not sugar coat it. If people want k-love listen to k-love.

    People want edgy Christian music on Air1.

    Problem is this is a ploy for donations.

    History shows that people that listen to worship have higher paying jobs and are willing to donate.

    Those that listen to edgy music tend to be younger.

    Sorry….your busted.

    Sad part is that the groups that made air1 what it is will no longer get radio play.

      • What about youth. Air needs to bring back some Relient k, Mxpx, and be like it was in the early 2000s that’s what listeners want. Listen to k love if you want worship. Not all Christians want to listen to worship all the time that’s why there are other types of Christian bands.

        • All the good music died in the Naughties friend, as the big labels absorbed all the Christian artists. Is Tooth and Nail still around?

    • I completely agree I am young and don”t hear any upbeat music I have switch to country music or other upbeat station since they don’t play skillet or anything upbeat anymore

    • I respectfully disagree with you. I am 54 years old, and I love ALL forms of Christian Music. Ehen I accepted Jesus into my heart at the tender age of 11. I prayed to God for an answer to a dilemma. I had prior to that listened to secular Rock Music (Van Halen, Boston, Supertramp, Styx, ABBA, etc.)

      Once I gave my life to Jesus, I asked him, So what kind of music do I listen to now, Lord? You know that I like a little Country music, Disco, and mostly Rock music.”
      He answered in a different way than I had ever thought of. I was in my bedroom switching channels on the A.M. dial, and God led me to a station that was in Brighton, CO. that was formerly named KBRN 800 A.M. On this station, they played ALL forms of Christian music. They played music from Amy Grant, Sandy Patty, Petra, Idle Cure, Resurrwction (Rez) Band, Kim Boyce, Larry Norman, Keith Green, Twila Paris, Noel Paul Stookey, Glad, DeGarmo and Key, Carman, The Imperials, David Meece, Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart Band, Barry McGuire, Tuss Taff, and more.

      Then in high school, I got introduced to a lot of upper scale Christian Rock and More. Geoff Moore, Whitecross, Saint, Bloodgood(Still writing and singing for The Newsboys, Undercover, Stryper (this group is still writing and performing music for Jesus after 34 years),

  33. Listen to they still play the hits and if you’re ever in Virginia Beach on vacation or live in VB tune in at 88.5! They play skillet, need to breathe, switchfoot, for king & country, disciple, red, lecrae, nf, manafest, Hillsong United just to name a few!

    • Thank you for suggesting! It reminds me of the old Air1. This will now be my go-to internet radio station. Sorry Air1, but you have lost a supporter.

      • Air 1 needs to go back to Christian CHR music. However, I am more into The House FM than Current FM cause they play some hard rock I don’t like on Current FM. Current FM still plays some good music that I like from Tedashii, Lecrae, and TobyMac.

  34. Miss the old air one. I love worship but need those pick me up songs when I’m tired and feeling slow at work or in life. Hope air 1. Will bring back a better mix of the fun new stuff and still keep some worship blended in …. like before.

    • I agree. I don’t like to be negative, but I LOVED the old Air1. I drive to work early in the morning and then late in the afternoon/evening. I enjoyed the more upbeat songs they use to play. Many of the new songs are nice, but put me to sleep – which is not good when you are driving!! I wish they would go back to their old program. I’m in mourning for my old Air1.

  35. Air1 was there for me in my darkest hours and I could always count on a variety of genres and artists to bring me the message, lift up my heart to God, and get me through the day. I was shocked and disappointed at the change in format last January. There is an old saying that “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I don’t know what you were thinking. Tweaking what already works well just for the sake of justifying your position as director of programming seems to me to be an exercise in ego and poor judgment. I think you will realize the error you made in changing your format when the time comes for the pledge drive. Read the reviews. Well over 90% are negative. You can force your decisions on us but at the cost of listeners leaving in droves. Air1 was special. Now it is not. Are you listening? I am 62 years old and I loved the variety offered by “old” Air1. I was constantly moved by the deep insights of the young artists, marveling at how God was reaching out to us in so many ways. You may want to rethink the “New” Air1 before Air1 becomes nothing more than a fond memory of how great Christian radio used to be.

  36. I liked this station because it was hip and young and was intended for a new generation. Different from the rest. I am not young anymore, except in my heart and spirit l, and the music in my heart. I played this station at work, used it as a witness tool with my employees, and connected them to Christ. Very disappointed. Back to my iPod and Apple Music play. Sometimes change doesn’t turn out the way it was intended. Other factors get out of balance. Financially I know this is a decision that has benefited not the listener, but the company called Air1. Sold Out? Not the song, but the ministry call you answered. Prayers!

  37. Good music…but sounds just like the other 2 Christian worship stations….it’s no longer set apart and my favorite go to station. Would love to see Skilet, Lacrae, rap, etc…back in the mix.

  38. iI rellly miss the old air 1 because it played christian rap and christian pop and chrisyian rock i listened to it sience2015 i loved skillet and skillrt and lacrea yoshua handunge, still love it.

    • I totally agree with everyone here. I miss the old Air1. If I wanted to listen to soft christian music I could tune in to any of the other “positive and encouraging” christian stations around me that are “safe for the whole family”. Give me some TobyMac and Skillet that I can rock out to. I already find myself surfing the secular stations for this. 🙁

    • I agree. I’ve shared with the station a few times (via their call-in line and a tweet) that I miss the diversity of artists who used to be played. I really loved how Air1 played not just different genres of Christian music but music by Christian arts of color. I’m really sad that if I play the station now for my African-American toddler he will pretty much only hear music from white people. Same goes for the diverse urban youth group that I lead – I used to recommend Air1 as a way to hear diverse Christian music from lots of artists who look like them. I don’t recommend it anymore. We listen to Spotify a lot more now.

  39. I really miss the old Air 1; started listening to the station bc Klove was a bit too slow for me. I haven’t even heard Toby Mac played once in the last month even though they would occasionally advertise his concerts. I find myself listening to the secular stations more and more which is sad. Find it hard to justify continuing financial support but I’m sure somehow it’s still helping others.

  40. im not going to contribute to the new air 1 I have plenty of Christian station sounds just like it seems apparently you were not listing to your listeners

  41. Keep rockin the new Air 1!. I just discovered 2 months ago in Orange County, CA! We love the worship music, and artists we’ve never heard before. Those who are complaining I suggest you let “Jesus take the wheel” and enjoy the music. Blessings to all!

    • So you are telling us we must all conform to your tastes and choices and we are to have none of our own. Yours is the only right way to do things. Please post what version of the Bible you read so we can all burn ours and read your version only.

  42. There is a NGEN Radio based out of Houston that may be what some are looking for. Christian Pop, Hip Hop and Rap. Can listen online or on the app.

  43. I agree with everyone who wants the old air one back!!! Miss all those songs so much! I just called the station to let them know how I feel! Y’all should too, and maybe we can get our old station back in time for summer! God Bless!

  44. I am so disappointed in the “new Air.” I loved it the way it was. My daughter and I would sing every song while driving. Now she requests a different station. I don’t listen to KLove, it is too soft. I appreciate all the artist and their music but now all the station are the same. We will no longer be listeners to either station.

    • Yes me too. I mean you can listen to worship songs on any Christian radio station in town. They turned into just another Christian radio station. 🙁

  45. The new Air1 is ABSOLUTELY horrible! What listeners called and said they wanted this kind of music? Air1 is so bad that I actually tuned my radio to K-Love, but then it was almost as soft as Air1, so I just turned my radio off completely. Hey, Air1, do you remember New Coke? Well, Air1 is the New Coke of radio stations. Bring back the old before I permanently delete your station from my play list. What an absolute tragedy.

  46. Well, Air1, as you can see, the vast majority of us want the Christian pop/rock format back. If you HAVE to run worship music, make it a block on Sunday mornin’s, for folks goin’ to, and comin’ back from church. That works very well.

  47. I’ve been listening to Air1 for many years. If it wasn’t for them playing the artist they did I would have never known about them. I love worship music but not when I’m driving to work etc. I like a variety pray & worship, get up and dance. Sad deal.

    • Agreed! If I wanted all worship music all of the time, I’d listen to KLOVE. Nothing against KLOVE, but it isn’t my taste.

  48. Boring music for old people now… Change back we already have stations for 50-60 year old crowd come on. “Mommy where is the fun Jesus music” -my four year old. Give us a better option than k-love and WayFM.

  49. I am also disappointed with the new format. I live in a area that has three Christian radio stations. Air1, Klove and one centered on teaching and they play older worship songs. Not much difference between Air1 and Klove now. My kids enjoyed Air1. We could switch between Air1 and Klove depending on what we needed to hear that day. I referred many people to both stations knowing there was a difference in the music but not the message. I will miss having Air1 to refer people to.

    • I totally agree 100%!!!! I live in Abilene, Tx and have enjoyed Air1 since I came here in 2002! I came to straighten up my life here!! Lived in halfway house for 3 yrs. I had to go through treatment for Hep C and opted to stay in house for support, found a great church and was turned on to Air1 for 1st time!! I was in Heaven. Had old TV and w/antenna got TBN , so between the poison I had to put in my body,I was ministered to by Air1,TBN ,church and private time ,a lot of Bible study in my room. Air1 was always there for me!!!! God promised me to take the medicine and HE would HEAL me!! To this day I’m completely/totally Hep C free!!! Just had new tests,3 different ones to be sure, and theres No Trace at All!!! God is still in the HEALING biz!!! I’m sharing, and I don’t usually put this out there for everyone, but to the owners of Air1. I want to encourage you to gather around with All that work there, fast and Pray until you really Hear from GOD ALMIGHTY on your decisions Please!!! Because of how its ministered to me in my time of need and contributed to encouraging me!!! As I’m sure I’m not alone in how effective Air1 has been to lives and hearts its touched! Thank you for letting me share a piece of my life with you!! Blessings!

  50. So disappointed in the recent changes with Air1! Prior to this, both my teenagers and I strongly preferred the music selections on Air1 over K-Love. Now Air1 sounds just like K-Love, and we find ourselves turning to a local station (The House FM) instead for our Christian music, even though that station signal limits us and doesn’t come in nearly as well as Air1 did. Really hoping Air1 will return to their roots soon! I want to be able to recommend the station to others again!

    • Check out NGEN radio – not sure where you live but it’s out of Houston. You can listen via their app too on your phone and play through the USB on your dashboard. Lots of hip hop.

  51. I’ve been wondering what happened to my Air1 of years that I preferred over Houston based KSBJ (similar to New Air1). I constantly would point listeners of secular music here as a source of good, relevant, Christian music. Part of what I have a hard time convincing people of is going to church on Sundays. One of the reasons for that has always been corporate worship. To non-believers it isn’t natural so it’s almost awkward. I think new Air1 has done a great job of bringing that awkwardness to the radio ALL day instead of just easing in their non-Christian listeners. As a believer, I feel disappointed by this change and I think we are truly missing the mark here.

  52. I’m sorry, Air 1. Always been a fan, until now. I’m 34 and wondering how old the people are at the station—- because it sounds like they’re pretty old based on the music Air 1 has recently been playing.
    Christian youth is our future; your station used to have so much more to offer. You have given them “good” reason to to turn to secular music. There are so many great new Christian artists out there. Go ahead and throw in a Hillsong or other praise-and-worship song once in a while— then get back to this era: Tobymac, Skillet, Britt Nicole, Lecrae. Please bring back the “old” Air 1. Christian music has come so far in the last couple decades. “God Is on the Move.” Yes, he is. Now Please don’t send Christian music backward into the 80s. There are far too many other Christian stations that sound identical to Air 1 now.

    • You mean like “The Fish”. Well most stations seem pretty bland though Air 1 isn’t the exact same it’s basically bland in a different way. At least we can make Spotify playlists with artists like Lecrae, TobyMac, Young & Free, Skillet, Hollyn etc. some of which the bland Christian stations should be playing. They can definitely add certain artists without veering into rap or too heavy into rock.

  53. My 19-year old had been working out with one of his friends and they pulled up some workout music. He told me he was surprised it was actually Christian music! I laughed and said, “Skillet? Oh, yeah.” I then told him about the many other artists on Air1 that were solid Christian artists but he would like. I love working out to Thousand Foot Crutch, Red, Skillet and others. When he would come into the garage and ask about it, he would just grin and say, “Hmm… That’s pretty good!”
    I miss the old Air1. My wife always loved the classic hymns and mellow worship songs. I like it too, but when I need to tell the Lord I love Him, I like doing that by singing along with TobyMac.
    Also, I miss the old DJs. I never minded any of their talking. They didn’t fill the airtime with mindless blabber about social media topics like the non-Christian stations did. Each moment was uplifting, pointing back to God in our lives.
    I miss the old Air1.

    • Ditto!! I miss a lot of the artist like Skillet. I miss the previous morning hosts too. 😢
      I am still uplifted most of the time, but I dont like everything about the “New” Air One.

  54. Air1 brought me back to God with a song from Skillet. At the time I was a 46 year old woman. I have used this music to expose my children to Jesus. My son even went to a RED concert with me. I am heartbroken that these changes have taken that away. I have been listening for 8 years now. I absolutely love worship music but even I need something more upbeat at times. These changes will not pull in the people on the fringe. Please, please, please reconsider pulling the plug on the rock and rap artists. They have something to say and young people are waiting to hear it.

  55. I agree with others.

    We already had “soft” Christian radio stations. I like the upbeat rock and even rap-ish music produced by Christian people that the old Air1 used to play.

    Bring back the old Air1

  56. I’ve got to agree with most of the comments! I stopped listening to K-Love because all they do is play boring music. Air1 was my go to in the sense that you guys played Christian Rap and Hip-Hop. Now it sounds just like K-Love. I wish you really would have listened to all listeners. And not just the ones that want worship music.

  57. I’m really surprised at this change. Where are we supposed to go to listen to the “non-old people” music? Air1 has been my go-to place since I was in my 20s. I love worship music, but I listen to the radio to hear good music. Contrary to what most of the world believes, there is GOOD Christian music and Air1 was the station that proved it. This is just klove with a different name. Whats the point?

  58. We MISS you “old” Air-1!!
    VERY disappointed in Air-1’s change in format… I’ve been trying to stick with it but it sounds like K-Love. And while K-Love had my heart for awhile and has its Great place and wonderfully important role in the listening world, as a Youth Leader I learned about Air-1 and it was an instant connect!! The “Old” Air-1 had a great upbeat mix along with the music of Toby-Mac, Skillet, Need-to-Breathe, Lacrae and many MoRE that appealed to myself AND our Youth.
    We found the students, including my own kids, connected better with the hip music of Air-1 and it was a perfect alternative to main stream music. On long drives and Mission trips we took comfort not worrying about the many mainstream stations use of inappropriate lyrics or innuendos woven through because we had Air-1. Often we would find the students singing and dancing with the stations own unique “Clean” edge music they could relate to. We also found great talking points we could dive into as we listened to the testimonies & short DJ connects in between.
    For those concerned “Old”Air-1‘s music was not Worship music, I believe if the lyrics lift up God and people are finding God through the music then YES it is Worship Music.
    I’m sad to admit, while I have been a regular contributor to Air-1 and due again to donate, I may need to put that plan on hold. So sad …

  59. We MISS you “old” Air-1!!
    VERY disappointed in Air-1’s new Format… I’ve been trying to stick with it but it sounds like K-Love. And while K-Love had my heart for awhile as a Youth Leader I learned about Air-1 and it was an instant connect!! The “Old” Air-1 had the upbeat music of Toby-Mac, Skillet, Need-to-Breathe, Lacrae and many MoRE that appealed to myself AND our Youth.We found the students connected better with the hip music of Air-1 over
    K-Love even to the point of wanting to play much of the music in the Youth Band. On long drives, Mission trips etc. we would have the music playing and students singing and dancing.We found it a perfect and clean alternative to main stream music stations yet with a modern day “clean” edge that young people connected with. And if the lyrics lift up God and people are finding God through the music then YES i believe it is Worship Music.
    I’m sad to admit, while I have been a regular contributor to Air-1 and due again to donate, I may need to put that plan on hold as I feel I may need to look for a new station that will bring myself and our Youth back as regular listeners. So sorry…

  60. I like the old Air1 better. I miss the Christian Rock, which is why I chose Air 1 over other Christian stations. You’re losing me over the change. I am going to look for a different station.

  61. I am a new listener to Air 1. I am a 44 yr old African American female who grew up in a Baptist church, and later moved to a very large non denominational Christian church. I currently reside in a city where LA County and Orange County meet and have 5 kids ranging in age from 21- 9 and I LOVE the ‘new’ Air 1 and am so thankful to have found it.

    As one being diagnosed and with stage 4 breast cancer, and standing on God’s promises for complete healing on this side of eternity, Air 1 has been a TREMENDOUS blessing. It literally gives me life. Occasion after occasion I will sit in my car, after having driven to yet another dr appt, and just be blessed to tears, sitting and listening and most importantly worshipping with tears literally streaming down my face. And I get out of the car refreshed in my car, joyful, alive. Worship is my happy place and being through all I’ve been through in the past 2 yrs with this diagnosis, it is part of which gives me life.

    I was curious as to what the ‘old’ Air 1 was and I can get an idea from reading the responses of others and I can see where others would be sad to see some of those artists not given due play time. Maybe there can be a certain hour where those artists are showcased? I’m not sure of a happy medium. All I know is that this is like NO OTHER Christian station in this area. This is literally the only station I now listen to and the most awesome part is that my kids sing along and it completely changes the dynamic of our car rides. Tensions and negative energy that sometimes would unfold in the car have became few and far between. We are a family that does listen to various types of music but worship is always my go to and my peace. I will never grow tired of worshipping Him for His faithfulness and healing power in my life. Before finding this station I would channel hop and sometimes tune into the other very popular station in my area but it was very hit and miss. There is a different between Christian songs and worship songs. There is a time and place for all but I feel we all will find out favorite ‘songs’. They call to us and we seek them out, whether they are played on the radio or not. What is not sought out by many is worship. So to give your listeners something different, something that if they will not only encourage their souls but lift the name of Jesus and our Lord higher above all else in our lives, then there is something truly ‘where Heaven touches Earth’ about that – and I would never want to see that changed. I looked forward to my car rides now. I look forward to worshipping with reckless abandon to songs I know and worshiping and learning songs I am unfamiliar with. I haven’t really been to your website yet but if you list the song titles you played within the hr within snippet so we can add it to device playlists that would be awesome (if you aren’t doing so already). Keep on keeping on. I love it!

  62. I love the new format. Playing the same songs over and over reminded me of the radio station 50+ years ago that all the kids at school listened to. Sme thng over and over. Then it was exciing. Now it is annoying. Bravo to Air1 for taking a chance and filling a gap .

  63. I agree with everyone who does not like the new Air 1. Now it’s very similar to another Christian radio station I listen to. I LOVED the artists like Lacrae, Skillet, and Red. I will be using Spotify to listen to these and other amazing artists who bring it. The worst part for me is Dan and Michelle. I absolutely cannot take their sillyness and laughing. It is not humorous at all. I can’t change the station fast enough when they are on. But actually I won’t be listening much at all anymore anyway. The change stinks! You’re losing a LOT of listeners and it breaks my heart to hear that many teenagers stopped listening since the change. Wow Air1. Shame on you for this.

  64. Thank God for no DJ chatter and or crosstalk. I Thank God for the variety and not playing the same songs over and over again!

  65. Air 1 is encouraging listeners to call to voice concerns, they have said many times that they want to customize it for everyone. So take your opinions from here and call them!

  66. I miss the banter between the DJ’s, the little FYI comments, the relationship between callers and DJ’s like what Eric and Heather did. A little human touch and laughter. The music is great, but I need more than just music.

  67. I am so sad with the new format. This is not the station that I fell in love with. My radio is on Air 1 24 hours a day. We need to appeal to the younger generation with more upbeat music. I am in my 50’s and absolutely love the happy upbeat music of Toby Mac, Danny Gokey, Skillet, etc. I hope and pray that we can go back to the station that I love!

    • I agree with you! I miss the old format. I miss my Skillet, Red, Thousand Foot Crutch, Lacrae, etc. I enjoy worship music too, but when I am working, cleaning, crafting…I want upbeat, moving music that praises and worships as well as relates to people. I am a fairly new Christian and I believe that the new format is not going to reach the new and up coming generations as well as the previous format. It is all about one thing… your goal. Are you trying to please people because donations are down or are you trying to reach people for the Lord. There are TONS of other stations that play what I call “my grandma’s worship music”, we need a station that plays to and relates to the new generation that is seeking something and don’t know that God really loves them. I, like Debbie, am in the older generation and I see a huge gap. Skillet, Jeremy Camp, News Boys, Hawk Nelson, and many more are a great way to feel that gap. The lyrics and beat are what makes a difference. The lyrics are what kids relate too and it helps them know that they are not alone in their struggles. The stories are a huge part of what bring people to Christ. Testimonies are a key factor. I have been listening for 3 hours this morning and have not heard one testimonial or praise called in.
      Yes, the music is still good, and it still praises God, but it is slow and really makes me want to change the channel. I am sorry, but I am probably going to be changing stations. There is enough sad, slow, melancholy in this world, I don’t kneed my radio station to bring me down….I need it to lift me up and keep me lifted toward God. The “New” Air1 is not doing that for me. I miss the “Positive Alternative”. That station had a unique and original concept. The New Air1 sounds like the other 3 Christian stations in my area. Very disappointed!!

    • I couldn’t agree more. If I had known I would not have made my donation in December. I try to listen but I just can’t. Very, very sad.

  68. Well, well, well, I usually take a break from listening to Christian music on the radio from November through early January because I have no desire to hear Christmas music for various reasons that I won’t go into except to say that most of it is so worn out from being played over and over again year after year after year. Anyway, last night I started listening to the radio again while I was driving around in my car and doing some shopping. When I selected Air1 (which is one of the five Christian radio stations that broadcast in my city), I kept hearing “the new Air1” and didn’t have a clue what the word “new” meant until I found this article. After reading all of the negative comments about the stations format change, I felt compelled to leave a comment as well.

    To be honest, this is a tough call. I can understand the younger generation preferring the old format, but I can also understand the station owner’s desire to serve all of its listeners by filling a gap that was missing in the old format. Personally, I prefer the new format because I think there aren’t enough worship songs being played on any large network Christian radio stations—including KLOVE and Family Life Radio—especially worships songs by not-so-big-name Christian worship artists. However, perhaps Air1 can accommodate both the older generation and the newer generation by adjusting its playlist during certain times of the day so that the songs being played reflect the make up of the listening audience during those times (for example, playing more “hits” during those times when people are driving home after work). One of the stations in my city (KLYT or has been doing this for years with considerable success. If you are one of those “die-hard older format” younger generation listeners who have given up on Air1, perhaps this station will be more to your liking.

  69. I would wake up to Air1 on 91.9 FM each morning. It was the radio station I had set as my alarm. I listened to the new format for about a week, then the station stopped broadcasting. Was Air1 dropped in some of the L.A. markets? Was it moved to another channel? Where are my monthly donations going?

  70. I enjoyed the old Air1, but we’re living for the Lord. I liked the alternative music, that’s how I ran across the station. They were playing a familiar song. I’ll get used to it. God gets all the glory.

  71. Change is never easy, but the emphasis is not about us. It is about the Lord and the scriptures are full of God’s blessings upon those who worship Him. Air1’s decision can only be a good thing in that regard. Now, if I don’t like the style or I prefer the old format, perhaps I should ask if my comfort is more important than letting the Spirit of God speak to me. Sure, it’s easy to enjoy the familiar, but change is never easy, and if done for the Lord, it will always be good. So maybe we as Americans should realize our consumerist approach to life is not the best. Letting someone else be in charge and seeing the value in their leadership is also a very biblical attitude.

    • Honestly, I didn’t even notice the difference at first. I guess they gradually made the change. I still like Air1 over KLOVE but where they may have filed one void, they left another wide open….

    • Oh well if that’s how you feel then we should do away with the new worship format on Air1, KLove and others and replace it with Southern Gospel. Or better yet Traditional Jewish music with Christian lyrics.

  72. i loved the old one way better cuz u do not find another station who plays christian pop rock and rapp all the other christian stations play all the same and i like faster music and my life is not ht e greatset and i always looked toward air one and when it changed staion channel i could not get the singal for it no more and i finally got signal yesterday and it kept sayin the new air one and i was like what what is this. and i no and i am really sad. it was the only christain statio n to keep me with the lord. i hope i end up liken it. for like a month straight i was asken the lord plaese let me be able to here air 1 on the redio and it was answered but i kind of wish i didnt im happy mandys still on there though. i will try listen to it

  73. I’m bummed because I’ve lived with Air1 for so many years as my go-to music station. I get that the world is changing and I’m guessing large parts of their audience for the “hits” format now stream.

  74. Hey everyone, don’t write Air1 off quite yet. In the last hour I have heard Skillet, NF, and quite a few of the usual songs from 2018. Seemingly our statements are making a difference. 🙂

  75. From here:
    On the other hand, and just maybe:
    “That’s the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, God wants it, uh-huh, uh-huh.”
    Just kiddin’ around.
    (Huge smiley-face.)

  76. I am okay-ish with the new Air1 songs, but I want to hear more of the DJ’s. Their stories were always so welcoming and made me feel like I had caring, loving friends who were devoted to Christ but openly, not all church and no life but loving their savior and living the life that he died for to the fullest by living it without the boxes most Christian channels cater to. Where are the pastors? Where is the worship and Christianity outside of the music? My Brother has lied to me, and stabbed me in the back many times in the past and he does not like when I show my faith, as such the Air1 of 2018 felt like an incredible addition to my life and faith and even seemed to be leading my best friend who has been burned by religion in the past to the arms of Jesus. I’m Air1 all the way, but this is definitely not an improvement.

  77. Wow, it seems like a lot of listeners feel the same as I do, air1 used to be way better with Skillet, Red, P.O.D, and TobyMac as well as Jeremy Camp, I miss knowing who sang the song, the heart to heart from the DJ’s at least they kept Ashton wish they could have a happy medium mix or have listeners pick the songs

    • I agree. I miss the old format and songs. I also really miss hearing the DJ’s comments and life stories. I wonder every day, “How’s Lauren doing with her wedding planning?” or other similar thoughts. They were my friends as I commute to and from work every day.

  78. I am super sad as well… I feel like I lost a good friend. I am glad that the Crossing was mentioned so that I could search it up and now I am listening to that from my phone. What is missing that also make me sad is that I don’t know the names of the songs or who sings them anymore as they are not displayed on my phone or in my car thru the bluetooth. Also, I don’t know if it is my phone (Just got a new one) or the station, but there are a lot of disruptive “drops” where I guess the station is buffering or something.
    Really missing Air1 of 2018 🙁

  79. I have listened to Air1 for years – my kids grew up listening to it. They are now 26 and 30. I am not sure who they “listened” to that caused them to make this drastic change. Air1 is different from the other Christian station that we can get on our radio – we love it too – but Air1 seemed to have a different reach, attracting the young and the old. I LOVED listening to it on the way to work. I, like others, have tried and tried to listen to the “new” Air1, and I am so, so sad… It just doesn’t feel the same. It feels impersonal – like they just stuck a bunch of songs on a reel and left it to play. And, I LOVE hearing my favorite songs several times during the day. I look forward to it, because those songs are the ones that are speaking to me at the moment. I love the old songs too… But… Sad.

  80. I am delighted to see we are not the only one willing to voice our opinion on this change. It brings great sadness to have my car full of carpool school kids (believers and non-believers) ask me to turn off Air1 now. Our $40 a month pledge has been 100% consistent for over 15 years. Tonight we discussed as a family where we can better put those funds that would impact a ministry we are passionate about like the old Air1. I have two amazing kids that ask for Christian concerts for their birthday gift. I am sad they have no station that will support that passion. The change is devastating to a mom who wants her sons to love Christian radio. Air1 WAS different! I logged on hoping to find that the old Air1 had been relocated…not changed. Please consider bringing it back!

    • The reason I supported Air1 of 2018 was in hopes to reach others, like the teenagers I work with, that all unbelievers and those struggling with their faith would enjoy and feel the power of this anointed, upbeat music streaming over the airwaves. I loved the music. I’ve given it almost a month. Air1 Had a different edge on the market than the other two Christian contemporary stations in our area. That edge is gone. It is sad to lose something you loved.

  81. I really love this new focus on praising and worshiping the Lord. Awesome! We were CREATED to love and adore the Lord! <3 <3 <3

  82. I miss the old Air 1. They were different in the way they would play more rock, rap and dance music. This is great music for the younger crowd to get closer to Christ. Air one sounds like all the other Christian stations out there, which is not bad a bad thing, but is too contemporary for me.

  83. So sad about the change. Air1 was different and allowed me to enjoy Christian music that wasn’t the norm like all the other stations. Super disappointed in this change and I’m actively looking for another station to turn into going forward.

  84. Air 1 WAS my favorite Christian music station. You played upbeat music from Skillet, Manafest, Toby Mac and so much more. Now it’s just like Family Life or Klove. So bummed. My teenagers were even into it before. Now it’s just like all the others. Don’t get it why you had to lose your uniqueness. I will gladly give monthly again if it goes back to the way it was.

  85. I’m so sad! I can tune into 5 different Christian music stations where I live. Air 1 has always been my favorite, it played the most JAMMIN’ music. The others all focus on an older generation & play more worship music & more “soft” hits. I love to worship, but I also love to spread the love of God through music that reaches those that find Church off-putting. I find there a great need to show non-believers that following God doesn’t mean sacrificing things that bring us joy – like loud and rowdy music. But the new playlist makes our church Praise & Worship music look more fun & exciting than the radio.

    • This is a well targeted comment. It seems that what is missing somewhat is a heartfelt consideration of the Great Commission. It is great to feed believers but we must have that recognition of a connection with the world (in but not of). But we must be in it and the Air1 of 2018 was, I cannot say that same about today’s New Air1.

  86. Air1 was interesting and fun to our kids before the change. They are 6yrs to 17yrs old. Now they find it boring. Worshiping God is energetic to them not sleepy and boring. It was on in our cars always and we gave quite a bit monthly toward it. With 4 kids we spend a bunch of time in the car. If it is a matter of money just add some Christian acceptable adds. We are going to miss Air1 dearly. We love and pray for all at Air1.

  87. Not a fan of the change. I miss Jeremy Camp, Skillet, Toby Mac, Third Day. Now it’s boring. The old Air 1 WAS worship music. I guess I will have to go back to my cds.

  88. Yes we all have our preferences and I certainly do as well. Can I gently offer a diferent opinion? Maybe Christian music shouldn‘t be meant to relieve our boredom and entertain us – maybe it’s purpose is to point to God and help us connect with our creator. (By the way some songs help me connect more than others) But, if you are feeling dissapponted or bored by the slow music that does not appeal to your preferences, ask God to help you connect. Making an assumption here but I suspect nearly all of the worship songs – R&B, Rock, Contemporary, old school and new school – were written and performed by artists who bathed their work in prayer and who poured their God-given gifts into it. I bet if we self-evaluate our motivations and ask God to check us we can discover beauty in places we didn’t expect.

    • You have good points. However, God did create us with our own personalities and ability to have preferences. I don’t think that’s bad. Also, I’m fairly certain ratings and the impact of streaming services impacted this decision, which really has little to do with connecting with God.

    • Amen! Thank you! I have an 11 and 14 year old and we enjoy ALL worship music. It is meant for worship, not to lift ourselves up, but to honour our mighty Saviour!
      Everyone is commenting about missing the contemporary artists, but they are still being played along with a whole new variety.
      Self reflection and prayer is a great suggestion.

    • So you would not object to Air1, KLove and all other worship format stations all going to Southern Gospel. You would just ask God to help you connect.

  89. We are so so so sad and disappointed about the change. I told my kids and husband about the format change to more worship music and they said “the previous format WAS worship music!” Which is absolutely true! Any music that glorifies the Lord is worship! And I’m sad for all the Christian hip hop, R&B, etc musicians that have lost a platform to praise the Lord in the way He has placed on their hearts.

  90. During the time I have had to listen, I love the new format: more variety songs; more worship; not the same ones over and over and over.

  91. I have tried to listen to it and just can’t do it. I don’t like the change and I am dropping my monthly donation. Not a good move on your part Air1

  92. I am sad about the change but glad I am not the only one that doesn’t like it. I also tried to listen to it all day today (Jan 3) and had a hard time getting into it. I don’t care much for KLOVE and now I am not fond of the new format on Air1. I can only assume it is because of lack of funding (donations). On the last donation drive (and I think the previous one) they didn’t make their goal.

  93. I’ve been listening all day trying to like the new Air1. I finally gave up and went to a local AAA formatted station. The new Air1 is more of the same old same old. I wish them well. I’m sure it appeals to someone but that someone isn’t me.

  94. I am so very disappointed and sad for the change. My 18 year old son just became a Christian and I truly believe that Air1 played a part. I was hoping that he would change his music choice (because it is not good) but there is NO WAY he will listen to Air1 now. I actually don’t see the younger generation listening at all to Air1. As Christians we should cater more to the younger generation! So sad and disappointed!

    • There are plenty of online stations to cater to a wide variety. Check out for a format similar to what Air1 played (but with more variety). They’ve also got several other formats as well (Rock, Hard Rock, Power Praise and Classic Hits).

  95. This is very disappointing. We actually were ready to become financial supporters and cancel SiriusXM but now this change has made it another boring station. I might as well have stuck with SiriusXM.

    Too bad, this station was so good in the past.

  96. So disappointing. You set this station apart by playing more upbeat and fun worship songs. That’s why we listened to Air1. It’s slow and boring now, and very much like so many other stations. Sad.

  97. I remember back in the day, when Air1 would play killer bands such as: Skillet, P.O.D, Kutless (pre cookie cutter worship junk), Day Of Fire, Piller, Bleach, etc!! Man were those the days! Even my non-Christian friends started listening to it, and many of them came to know Christ! But now?? Same old cookie cutter, boring, non original, non thought provoking, bland worship music.. Sad..

  98. Are the DJs still on. I miss Mike and Lauren and Mandy. I also miss the more contemporary hipper music. I used to listen to KLove and this music sounds just the same. The station sounds very soulless.

    • Probably. People are likely going to listen to Spotify for Christian CHR/Hot AC type music now. If people don’t like rap they can go to K-LOVE for that which could probably go more upbeat without rap to accommodate for that. A lot of the music probably sounds the same on this station now. Yes, it may be Contemporary but probably not as much as it was. SPIRIT 105.3 and KLOVE in Seattle play lots of worship too. Air 1 can go back to Christian CHR but still play some old fun songs mixed in from like the 2010s mainly like certain songs from Britt Nichole, Jeremy Camp, and Lecrae for example.

  99. Wow!!! This is such a disappointment!! We loved the other format but won’t be listening now. I loved hearing my 9yr old son singing every word from the backseat. With the mix of music genres that were played I felt it was easier to avoid secular radio stations because the music was so hip and fun. This new format is way too boring and definitely won’t get us going in the mornings. So sad! We will miss Air1.

    • Yeah, now most young people never listen to the radio for Christian music because of this and because a lot of Christian stations seem more cookie-cutter Christian AC stations. Some are better than others, but overall people complain about how they are “boring” and all sound the same. There are still some Christian CHR/Hot AC type stations out there like the House FM, Elevate FM (now online), Current FM, etc.

  100. Why? There is already a sindicated station that already plays that type of music…K-Love. We a station that will play more Christian Rock.


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