Futuri Debuts Another A.I. Offering Designed For Sales


AI-focused radio software company Futuri has announced the launch of another new technology utilizing artificial intelligence. The platform, SpotOn, uses AI to automate the commercial creative process.

SpotOn utilizes generative AI to produce copy for promoting a client’s product or service. The platform features a library of human-cloned and synthetic voices in multiple languages. Users also have access to SpotOn’s fully-licensed music library. It also offers the ability to create spot tags and station liners.

“SpotOn enables brands to save countless hours by streamlining the production process and accelerating the sales cycle,” said Futuri CEO and Founder Daniel Anstandig. “With SpotOn, sales teams can instantly deliver spec spots and commercials to any client, no matter the size. We believe that the best way for clients to understand the power of audio is to hear it themselves, and SpotOn makes that scalable.”


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