Audacy’s Auction Flops – Now What?


The same week Audacy considers a reverse stock split, they face more bad news: the company’s auction for the domain name “” through GoDaddy expired without a bid. Radio Ink‘s sister publication Radio + Television Business Report first broke news of the auction in December.

Audacy was asking for a minimum bid of $2.5 million, but even after more than one thousand views, no bid was made before the end date of March 28 at 9a ET. The auction has now been extended to June 26 at noon ET. The minimum price remains the same.

Audacy acquired the domain name when it merged with CBS Radio in 2017. was originally launched as a spinoff of CNET in the 1990s and was later acquired by CBS Radio in 2010.


  1. It’s been said “the customer is always right” … so, if no one is biting after a thousand views, that would indicate what to any intelligent person …

    … oh, wait …

  2. “Why didn’t Audacy just…” (fill in the blank) has been asked plenty of times over the last few years. Perhaps that’s why they are where they are.

  3. Why don’t they make the auction of “” a REAL auction? Start with some low figure and let the bidding go from there. That would create a lot more interest and excitement. It may not reach the number Audacy wants but it would certainly bring a lot more bidding. Maybe, Radio Ink could show the current bid price at the top of each day’s edition.

    Dick Kozacko


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