Why This Senator Is Fighting For Local Radio


After the reintroduction of the Local Radio Freedom Act in the U.S. Senate on Thursday, March 9, one of the co-sponsors is speaking out as to why he supports radio. Republican Senator Mike Crapo from Idaho joined 19 additional senators on the LRFA. The act would ensure no new performance taxes or fees would be imposed on locally-owned radio stations.

Radio Ink spoke with NYSBA President David Donovan last week about the LRFA on the state level. Here’s what Senator Crapo believes is so important about protecting and preserving local stations.

“Local radio stations connect Idahoans driving long distances across both rural and urban areas to local, state, and national news,” said Sen. Crapo. “Radio is an essential news and entertainment service to the American people and imposing new fees or taxes on local, free, broadcast radio would jeopardize the very services on which Idahoans rely.”


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