Study: Radio Ads Drive Car Demand


A new study released by Radiocentre and reported by Cumulus Media and Westwood One this week shows spots for automakers and dealerships help drive future demand and convert existing demand into purchases.

The study, conducted by Radiocenter in partnership with Colourtext, measured 59 Tier One campaigns from a variety of automakers, including Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Lexus, Jaguar, Land Rover, VW and BMW, to measure their effectiveness with listeners.

According to the data, the 59 campaigns that aired on AM/FM stations saw an 88% increase in advertising awareness, a 33% lift in brand relevance, a 32% increase in greater brand trust and a 31% growth in brand consideration.

To read the Cumulus One report on the survey, go HERE.


  1. This is a UK study. Done with commercials created produced and aired in the United Kingdom. On radio stations that don’t air twenty minutes of commercial content hourly.
    This study does not suggest that radio sells anything! It claims that a future purchase is being developed that will favor one brand over the other.

    This isn’t why advertisers advertise. They want a return on investment in a far more immediate time frame than “the future.”

    Finally STOP comparing radio effectiveness to television. This kind of thinking always puts radio’s brand in a defensive position. That’s a loosing strategy with advertising agencies and advertisers.

    Radio is delivering results for advertisers, Not competing with television.

  2. So, Radio runs ads for cars that no longer have AM radios in them… ummm. “But you can stream it”… Nope, not when there’s no service. What about losing The Emergency Alert System!


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