Trust is Difficult to Measure


(By Buzz Knight) Trust is difficult to measure. It is one of the most challenging qualities for brands to earn, takes many years of painstaking consistency of execution, and is painfully quick and easy to lose.

Brandspark International is a leading market research firm for consumer products and services, and I thought it might be interesting to run through a few of the winners of their most trusted brands analysis with the hopes of finding what radio brands can learn from these leaders.

You will notice that brand trust and longevity of brand go together, although these brands do not rest on their laurels.

LEVI’S: Most trusted brand of blue jeans

This is a company that defined the importance of building a strong brand identity that resonates with consumers, and we know this is critical for radio brands as well. They have mastered the creation of a consistent visual message across all platforms, and they consistently deliver high quality content. No doubt this is a radio priority.

Levi’s also highlights the value of engaging with customers through social media and other digital channels with a focused strategy. Some radio brands are very focused on this area, while others can have a hit or miss strategy, often due to lack of internal resources. This can help build a loyal community of listeners and create opportunities for targeted marketing and advertising.

Additionally, big brands like Levi’s also demonstrate the importance of innovation and staying relevant to changing trends and consumer preferences. Radio companies can benefit from regularly evaluating and updating their programming and marketing strategies to ensure they are meeting the needs of their audience.

WHIRLPOOL: Most trusted washer and dryer brand

Radio companies can learn several key strategies from successful brands like Whirlpool.

Some examples include:

Focus on providing a strong customer experience — Whirlpool places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and service, which can be a valuable strategic advantage for radio companies to adapt, both on a sales strategy and a programming strategy.

Utilize technology to enhance the customer experience — Whirlpool uses technology like smart appliances and mobile apps to make the customer experience more convenient and personalized. This can be a valuable strategy for radio companies to adapt and reevaluate in order to enhance their digital presence and offer new ways for listeners to interact with content.

Invest in marketing and advertising to build or to maintain brand awareness — Whirlpool invests heavily in marketing and advertising to build brand awareness, even after all of these years, and radio companies should re commit to this strategy as a priority to increase listener engagement and build a loyal audience.

KELLOGG’S: Most trusted cereal

One of the most significant things that radio companies can learn from Kellogg’s is the value of targeted marketing.

Kellog’s is known for its targeted marketing campaigns that are designed to appeal to specific segments of the market. Radio companies can learn from this by using data and analytics to identify their target audience and create content that is tailored to their interests.

The power of storytelling:

Kellogg’s uses storytelling in its advertising campaigns to create an emotional connection with customers. Radio companies can learn from this by using storytelling techniques to create engaging content that resonates with listeners. Managers of radio brands are wise to take a step back from the insane pace of today and audit the strength and weaknesses of their brand qualities.

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