BBC Workers Could Strike over Radio Changes


Workers at the BBC’s local radio group could strike in February over a proposal to introduce more syndicated programming among stations as part of a broader cost-cutting initiative.

The proposal would see most BBC Local radio stations producing a morning and midday news and local affairs program, with the rest of the weekday and weekend schedule reserved for national shows.

The move comes as the BBC attempts to respond to a drop in anticipated revenue in the coming years. The brand, which is owned by the British public, is largely funded through a tax, or license, on households that receive over-the-air television signals.

On Monday, the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) circulated a memo that said it would hold a referendum to see if members supported a strike over the proposals at the BBC Local radio stations. The union already asked if its members supported the proposals; over 70% rejected them, according to The Guardian.

If BBC Local staffers support a strike, it would likely occur in mid-March, The Guardian reported. Votes over the strike will start during the first full week of February.


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