Edison Releases Report on Efficient Podcasts


Edison Research has released a new report that spotlights the most-efficient podcasts for ad buyers across four domestic regions.

“The Efficiency Ranker from Edison Podcast Metrics provides data to help advertising buyers and sellers understand which of the biggest podcasts are the most efficient to buy against advertising targets,” an Edison Research spokesperson wrote in a blog post on Thursday. “These aren’t necessarily the podcasts with the most listeners, they are the shows that deliver target demographics with the least ‘waste,’ or listeners who are not in the target demographic.”

According to Edison, the following podcasts are the most-efficient by location:

  • West: The Ezra Klein Show
  • Midwest: The Pat McAfee Show 2.0
  • South: The 85 South Show
  • Northeast: You Must Remember This

Alaska and Hawaii were incorporated in the “west” regional category.

To view the full blog post, go HERE.


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