Lowe’s Has Top Commercial Spot for Week


Retailer Lowe’s aired more than 48,300 commercial spots on monitored radio stations across the country, supplanting last week’s top spot Progressive, according to the latest Media Monitors report.

Lowe’s aired 48,312 commercials on stations coast-to-coast, while language learning tool Babbel aired 46,327 spots.

Progressive aired the third-most commercials with 46,118 spots.

The top five most-run spots on radio stations last week were:

  1. Lowe’s (48,312)
  2. Babbel (46,118)
  3. Progressive (46,118)
  4. Upside (42,180)
  5. ZipRecruiter (40,360)

To see the previous list for the week ending January 13, go HERE.


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