Podcast Monetization: The Real Deal To Attract Dollars


What’s “the number” that a podcaster should get to if attracting advertisers is a key goal? “You’ve got to be at 5,000 downloads an episode within thirty days.”

That’s just one of the takeaways Libsyn VP Rob Walch shared in an opening conversation with Podcast Business Journal and Radio Ink Editor Ed Ryan as the first day of the two-day How to Make REAL MONEY Podcasting virtual conference began on Tuesday morning.

Walch came armed with a bevy of statistics shared exclusively with those tuned in to the conference’s opening session.

While a firm number was shared as far as the consumption threshold is concerned, Ryan asked how a podcaster could verify the number of downloads it enjoys for an episode and then share that data with a potential advertiser.

Walch’s response? Verification is key. And, he stressed, the download data and listener consumption information must come from an IAB-certified source, not an IAB compliant source.

There’s a big difference, Walch advises. If the source is not IAB-certified, “those numbers mean nothing to advertisers.”

What sort of revenue can a podcaster expect? It depends on the show topic, with business and technology subjects — and shows with a female target — a little higher on the rate average.

That said, a typical podcast earns $20-$25 for a host-read advertisement. Add in pre- and post-roll spots, and Walch says, “You’re looking at $350 a show.”

And, most podcasts are weekly.

Ed Ryan asked Walch about specific genres outside of True Crime, which are bringing in “some serious money” and are among the most popular podcasts. Walch’s reply? Business podcasts will remain strong draws for advertisers and listeners.

Our conference continues today at 9AM. Our first interview is the CEO of The School of Podcasting, Dave Jackson. Register HERE and you’ll receive access to all the interviews on Day One as well. 


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