Promotion At WTMD


Carrie Evans has been promoted to Program Director at WTMD 89.7 FM in Baltimore. She has served as the interim program director since the sale of WTMD to Your Public Radio was finalized in November 2021.

“We could not have found a bigger fan of the format and champion for local Baltimore musicians and artists,” said LaFontaine Oliver, Your Public Radio’s President. “Carrie has been a stabilizing force for the station during a protracted period of transition and is the right person to lead WTMD’s talented hosts and programming team to new heights.”

Prior to serving as interim program director, Evans served as WTMD’s assistant program director and afternoon drivetime host—a role which she will continue.


  1. Done with WTMD! Removed bumper sticker stopped monthly contribution and searching for Weasel! I used to hang in Bethesda growing up in MoCo in the ‘70! Always a huge fan of Weasel and the Psycha Deli! Miss you brother!

  2. I have been listening to Weasel since the 70s when he was on whfs. For wtmd to dump him so unceremoniously borders on the criminal. Shame on all of you who had a part in this. Wtmd is no longer part of my listening in any way.

  3. I stopped my monthly donations and I won’t listen to them any more. I was a supporter for around 8 years.
    I also likes Yacht Club; they got rid of that too.

    Why anyone thought it was a good idea to fire Weasel is beyond me. He is a legend. He is THE REASON I started listening to the station.

  4. I just do not understand why you cancelled Weasel. He was my favorite DJ anywhere. His knowledge of the songs and “singers in the band” was legendary. The real music is gone. WTMD is gone – you bought and killed it. Why?

  5. 13 plus years ago, I stumbled onto 87.9. It was a refreshing alternative from classic rock.
    One Friday at 7 PM I heard POP GOES THE WEASEL and I was delighted to here a familiar
    voice from years ago. His topical music brought back memories of my past with relatable
    new music. I thought ” They do not play this stuff anywhere ” and I became an even
    bigger fan of WTMD. It was worth my yearly contribution to keep this on the air.
    I know that things change and everything comes to an end , but letting Jonathan go
    was bad business . I do not here much diversity in your music anymore and will look for
    I feel that you have lost one fourth of your stations appeal and the contributions that go
    with it.
    Fare well J. Weasel Gilbert and WTMD.
    Perhaps I will hear that special voice again someday.

  6. Letting Weasel go so unceremoniously is terrible. The new direction of the station is lame. I can’t listen to Carrie Evans. Maybe she’s nice but sounds like she’s 13 and her taste and mine don’t jive. I’ve been listening to WTMD since they started 15 + years ago. Not so much now. Fortunately, we can stream WXPN.

  7. WTMD has gone down a number of notches on my list of favorite radio stations for dumping Weasel’s Wild Weekend. What’s on now sucks. It is difficult to see how the crap they have filled his spot with is generating more revenue.


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