NAB Blasts Proposed FCC Fee Rates


The Federal Communications Commission is out with its proposed regulatory fee rates for Fiscal Year 2022. NAB President and CEO Curtis LeGeyt is critical of the proposal for a 13% fee increase from last fiscal year.

“The FCC’s regulatory fee proposal subjects local radio broadcasters to a staggering 13% fee increase from last fiscal year. Unfortunately, the Commission continues to unlawfully require broadcasters to subsidize the Commission’s broadband activities. For these local stations that are still recovering from the pandemic and face unique economic challenges in today’s media landscape, such an unjustified increase is devastating and risks undermining the unique locally focused service that our communities rely upon. NAB stands ready and willing to work with the Commission to ensure a fair and lawful payment regime.”

You can view the FCC’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding 2022 regulatory fees HERE.


  1. How about get rid of the lawyers and hire engineers to do the jobs within the FCC like the way it was done decades ago……THEN how about go and enforce the rules. Shut down pirates. Shut down licensed stations that continue to skirt then rules, levi fines and generate revenue without outing legit, law abiding, community serving stations out of business by the ridiculous fees and rate hikes!


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