Shaving Heads To Support Cancer


WDRV-FM Chicago Morning hosts Brian Sherman and Steve Tingle shaved each other’s heads in support of Brian Sherman’s wife Katie and others fighting breast cancer. Also getting in on the shaving action was WDRV-FM PD Keith Hastings who lost his mom to Breast Cancer when he was a teenager.

Katie has been documenting her cancer journey at,  and making a point of encouraging women to get their annual mammograms. She has titled it, Laughing Encouraged, Tears Allowed.

“I can’t say I know what my wife is going through,” explained (Brian) Sherman, “all I can do is be there for her. She has an amazing positive outlook and her natural personality is to have fun with whatever is being thrown at her. Before she started losing her hair, she actually chopped it so she could donate it to Now she’s asked our sons to shave her head, but to have fun with it. She wants to take pictures of whatever designs they want to make, I know a mohawk will be in there, before they shave it all. So, in honor of her having fun with shaving her head, Tingle and I wanted to do the same. We went with a stylish Dr. Phil hairstyle.”




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