A Peabody For An NPR Podcast


“Throughline: ‘Afghanistan: The Center of the World’” a three-part miniseries on NPR has one a prestigious Peabody Award. The award, in the Podcast/Radio category was for the podcast produced and hosted by Rund Abdelfatah and Ramtin Arablouei.

The Peabody announcement reads-“Throughline’s magisterial three-part miniseries on Afghanistan offers the long view of a country that Americans often treat as a threat, afterthought, or tragedy, particularly after the chaotic withdrawal of the U.S. military in 2021. By centering the country in its own story and pulling back the frame to consider Afghanistan as a full ‘civilization,’ the team restores a necessary sense of scale to what is often lost in our understanding of the region across the decades and centuries of countless western media reports.”

You can listen to the Peabody award-winning episodes here:
Part I: Afghanistan: The Center of the World
Part II: Afghanistan: The Rise of the Taliban
Part III: Drone Wars


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