D’Souza Movie Success


The Dinesh D’Souza Political Documentary ‘2000 Mules’, that looks at the 2020 Presidential election is being touted as the most successful political documentary in a decade. Salem Media Group, the Executive Producer of the film, reports the movie has already grossed $10 million in revenue and in net revenue is the most successful documentary since ‘Obama’s America’ produced by D’Souza ten years ago.

“The movie is a success financially for sure, but also it is successful in its political and cultural influence,” said D’Souza. “It’s the most talked about movie out there right now, making headlines in multiple publications, and is trending extremely high on social media.”

The movie’s revelations are based on research done by True The Vote, a non-profit dedicated to providing election integrity and honest voting practices. The film features five Salem radio talk show hosts as they walk through the process of learning what the evidence shows, and then discussing what this means for the American belief in free and fair elections. Those hosts, Dennis Prager, Sebastian Gorka, Charlie Kirk, Eric Metaxas and Larry Elder all came away disturbed at what they learned really happened to hand the election victory to Joe Biden.


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