Why Do We Seek The Future And Love CES?


(By Buzz Knight) Is it to answer our fears? Is it to address our outcomes? We all desire a glimpse into how the new problems of the future will be solved by innovators and disrupters.

The pace of life is dizzying and none of us want to be left in the dust.

These are some of the reasons why legions of tech nomads make the trek to Las Vegas in early January every year for CES.

This year and last year are different than previous years for obvious reasons but we still need to pay attention to technology and the implications to our businesses and our lives.

What themes are relevant to us and to leaders of companies?

Curiosity remains a critical leadership capability for 2022 and beyond. Without curiosity we are stagnant. We need to be hungry to see the future. We want to be frightened so we can grow to survive.

In all fairness we have to cut CES 2022 a break this year due to the pandemic factors.

I had hoped at the beginning of Covid that innovation would be at new heights due to pent up energy that would result in new problems being solved.

I mean you have to try and be productive at something while locked in your room staring at a Zoom screen…right?

Did companies end up chopping R&D or did there budget remain intact?

Did the problems of the last two years create new opportunities for innovators to solve new issues and create new solutions?

My instinct tells me the medical industry is undergoing massive disruption and we are only just seeing the beginning.

Some of the medical themes for 2022 are somewhat identical to last years offerings, maybe with a little bit of advancement or improvement.

Some examples of this are:

  • iNuba-A Spanish Startup that is a 3D body scanner that allows users to obtain body and health metrics with the help of a 3D avatar.
  • Biobeat which is a patient monitoring system which allows for continuous measurement of vital signs.
  • Casana has created the “Heart Seat” which is a toilet seat that monitors vital signs. The medical business is ripe for improvement and innovation as it was already facing deep consumer challenges pre-Covid.

Just look at the moment we are in with COVID testing a disaster amid long lines of frustration and uncertainty,

Regarding the state of the Automotive business at CES there is a continuation of a storyline around products that help the safety of truck fleets with companies like Phiar which offers AI/AR Automotive cockpits to interact with the navigation systems.

Electric vehicles will continue to improve and be showcased as the industry is stuck how to find new customers.

The industry is currently embracing the concept of turning car dealerships into “brand experience centers” as they attempt to minimize the image of hard selling customers as part of their strategy.

Expect more experimentation with subscription models as well to draw consumers in.

As the great workplace resignation has unfolded since Covid will we see Robotics become more mainstream at this show or future shows?

We shall see(I’m no fan of car salesmen but I don’t think I’d buy a car from a robot).

No matter what form CES takes this year it is still designed to provoke the important questions and opportunities we need to consider for the future.

I look forward to sharing insights surrounding the show from many great thought leaders in the technology world in the coming days.

Buzz Knight is the CEO of Buzz Knight Media and can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]


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