The Bongino Drama Just Got More Interesting


Even though affiliates were told conservative talker Dan Bongino had chosen to be off the air this week, they were alerted he would be live Wednesday. He then went on the air, on stations owned by the company he’s fighting with, and said he was starting a fund to help the employees that same company fired.

In the first hour of the radio show, Bongino said, “I’m going to create a fund for these Cumulus employees who were let go in a pathetic and disturbing fashion. I’m going to highlight their stories and I’m going to put $250,000 of my own money in that fund. That’ll be the start. We’ll take care of as many Cumulus employees as we can.”

Regarding the fight with Cumulus, Bongino said negotiations are still going on and there’s been some movement there. “Hopefully I’ll have an announcement about what Westwood and Cumulus is doing.”

He went on to berate the radio industry and other talk radio hosts. “Behind the scenes in this business, there are a lot of jealous, envious people, and that’s putting it mildly because I’m trying to be nice. A lot of them are largely concerned about where they’re going to get their next million bucks or their next radio contract, and not really concerned about conservative stuff. And where I could have really used their support here, while I was out here dangling on my own, fighting this vaccine mandate at this company, many of them decided to go to the left wing media to try to shut me up.”

Earlier in the day, after he recorded his podcast and we believe before the radio show, Bongino hosted an “emergency press conference” on Facebook on what appeared to be his phone, where he accused “a bunch of conservative radio hosts” of leaking to the media that he has lost their support on his stand against a vaccine mandate.

Bongino pulled no punches. He attacked the other conservative hosts, some who hold the same time slot as he does (noon to 3), although he didn’t name names. He said they are going to the media to try to discredit him and get his affiliates to drop him and add them. He accused the other syndication companies of calling him a troublemaker and telling the PDs their hosts will not say anything about the mandate.

Bongino said he is a troublemaker and will be a troublemaker until the day he goes six feet under.

Bongino also said that if he wanted to get out of his contract with Cumulus, he has a provision for that in his contract.

We reached out to Cumuls/Westwood One but did not hear back.

Bongino himself has lymphoma, and is vaccinated.

Watch the entire video HERE.


  1. Affiliates were only told that Bongino will be off the air this week due to an internal conflict; no other information was provided, other than the fact that Dan had made the decision to stay off the air until the issue was resolved.

  2. I love love love Dan Bongino ! If you ever actually listen to his Podcasts he always says he never wants to be first with a story ! He waits a day or two gets all the facts and then talks about the story ! I have been listening to Dan Bongino a very long time ans I can say he’s never has intentionally mislead any of his listeners ! As for his battle with cumulous radio seems that all the negative comments about him are kind of well idiotic ! Dan himself has the the double dose of vaccine ok ! He has not once said do not take it ! He uses science and facts ! He mantra is you do you and I do me! Seems fair to me ! What everyone should be saying is how Dan Bongino is standing up against forcing anyone to submitting themselves to government ! He is defending everyone’s Rites as a people in The United States Of America !!! He doesn’t want unvaccinated employees and or Americans to lose their jobs ok ! He doesn’t say do not take the vaccine all he is saying is We As a People should determine what is best for our own bodies ! These same people that are talking smack about Dan Bongino and the Vaccine are more then likely the same ones that stand up and say My Body my Choice for Abortions ! All Americans Democrats Tea Party Republicans socialist fascist etc have the rite to choose what is put inside their own bodies and their own Children’s bodies ok ! Wake up People why hasn’t anyone demanded restitution from the Chinese Communist Party for once again lying about another virus ? That’s what Americans and the world should be demanding not talking smack about a great man who loves liberty and We The People

  3. Just out of curiosity … if they’re working remotely, exactly whom is endangered?

    I’ll wait.

  4. Comparing a clearly simple and reasonable medicine mandate to aborted babies is an apples to arseholes scenario.
    The moaning about “false freedoms”, if it were weren’t so die-serious, would be silly.
    Of course there are always the prayer and homeopathic options – the Aaron Rodgers approach. Does the vaunted QB not realize how he has been jeopardizing his own family, associates and team mates, particularly with the well-publicized but murky claim of being “immunized”?

    • Do you not realize that even if you have the shot you have the exact same ability of “jeopardizing your own family, associates and team mates, particularly with the well-publicized but murky claim of being “immunized”?

  5. Ahhh… Radio Drama!! Gotta love it. As they say… “stay tuned” (who tunes anything these says?? I digress). The radio actors go at each other… betrayal… squabbles… the hero steps up and puts money where his mouth is… defending those discarded who refuse to bow to the corporate masters. Exciting. Engaging. We’ll be right back after this important message to TheBigA: Choice. Yes. Soldiers choose. Public safety personnel choose. Choosing has consequences. Sometimes favorable. Sometimes not. Regardless… I am grateful to be able to choose. Choice. Freedom. Beautiful things. May they never be taken from us!

  6. That’s a great idea. Last count, less than 10 people have left the company over the issue. It would be nice if he also set up a fund for all the employees who died from covid, such as Phil Valentine. Choice has a price, and sometimes that price is your life.

    • 4% of Cumulus’ employees have either been fired or left the company over vaccine mandates so far.

      You should update your count.

      Regardless of the price, the choice should be ours to make. I mean, you guys are all in favor of choice when it comes to killing babies, right? And the babies get that choice made for them.

      • What’s your source on the “4%” number?

        Employees have a choice: Get the vaccine or find another job. This mandate is about ensuring a safe workplace. Abortion has nothing to do with the workplace. “My company, my rules.” They followed the law.

        • Out of curiosity: What kind of a choice is it if a non-compete covenant is triggered by their departure?

          I swear sometimes folks don’t think past the end of their dogma.

          • Depends on the state. In some, non-competes are unenforceable. In any case, they’re negotiable. Discuss it with HR on your way out the door. If that doesn’t work, sue.

      • Excuse me…since when are COVID and babies the same thing? Oh, and wait a minute. You right wingers are in favor of execution, right? Where does that come in with saving lives?

        • You’re not excused for poor logic. For starter, what due process did an innocent baby get before a mother executes he/she? Analogies are not your strong point. Best avoid them.


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