Bongino Will Be Off The Radio Again This Week


Several affiliates have told Radio Ink that Dan Bongino’s syndicated show will be best-of again this week. One PD said Westwood One informed him that Bongino “chose” to take this week off. The conservative talker was not live last week either as he battles with Cumulus over their COVID-19 mandate.

One station owner told us having Bongino in best-of shows is not less than optimal. “There are things that need to be talked about right now. Week old news is past its freshness date. Trying to sound current by discussing things two weeks old is worse than trying to stay up-to-date by reading a newspaper.”

Bongino has said he has no plans to let this go. He said Cumulus is going to have to make a decision about his show, if they want to continue the partnership. Cumulus and Westwood One have not commented publicly on the situation.

Bongino has more leverage than most. The former NYPD officer and Secret Service agent is also a best-selling author, is a host on FOX News, with his own program on Saturday nights, and before partnering with Cumulus, was a successful podcaster. He said it’s unfortunate that people that are not heard on over 300 stations have been summarily shown the door or been put in an untenable position because they want to make a medical decision by themselves.



  1. Dan,

    While I listen to your radio show as often as I can, but I wonder if you do. By that I mean, you have a habit of repeating yourself incessantly. Saying the same thing over and over a different way accomplishes nothing except frustration for the listener or at least speaking for myself.

    As regards your stance on the Vax, I’m behind you all the way…..

    Andy, KSFO Bay Area listener……..

  2. Thank you, Dan for being a wonderful voice for freedom in this GREAT country!! Stand your ground for you and many others who are forced into making a decision based on job loss and personal freedom instead of their own health conditions (with the consult of their doctors)!! Listen to you every day along with a vast majority of patriots! We miss you and will be overjoyed when you return on radio!!! Praying for God’s Will to be done in this unfortunate ridiculous situation!! You are loved and supported by the vast majority of this FREE country!!
    God Bless You!

  3. Anyone would be crazy to accept his time slot because the audience would hat them from the start. Even DJT himself couldn’t pull it off although like most people he would know better.

  4. What have so many men and women died for freedom… freedom of Choice? Obviously, you take it for granted, those of us that served served so you may make a choice!

  5. I stand with Dan, will keep listening to his podcast over WMAL. I love Vince Colonaise and Chris Plant but I will forgo them as well and stop listening all together – bring Dan back – drop the mandate!

    ps…don’t care for Larry O’Conner – at all

  6. The fact that you had to take it this far already, tells you ALL you need to know about these people.

    Dan, you are a big boy now, you are an ADULT, you do NOT need their ‘supervision’ to do ANYTHING.

    Go it on your own, you are good enough that you could easily do this, and I think you already know this. I understand you are trying to help these people out but you need to also watch for yourself too.

    Tell them goodbye, and go it on your own, plenty of independent people WILL pick you up, your followers WILL FOLLOW, wherever you go !! Go to one of these small start ups looking for something to make them BIG startups, help them, they help you.

    Tell the establishment to rot, do your OWN thing, you WILL succeed.

    FINALLY someone gets it, they do more than just cry like little babies all over the boards, they actually DO something about it!!

    God Speed Dan, we are behind you.

  7. Dan will come out ok on this one.I would think that some independent radio station will pick him up its just a matter of how much theses other stations want to fight him he is in the right by the way.They don’t like him because he is right and he is conservative they hate that. Tomahawk chop and go Brandon

  8. Keep it up DB, I’d can change my station with a push of a button and will follow you.
    I note there is no fall out for Fauci, no fall out for China, and our public servants continue to act like our Masters.
    If Dan’s action were that of a Labor Union or BLM then he’d be praised for taking a stand.

  9. Thank God for Bongino. It would have been interesting to find out what Rush would have done.

    Dan needs a wheelbarrow to haul around the stones between his legs.

  10. Dan isn’t going to lose sleep over this. Everyone will just listen on his podcast or rumble, sadly they are just making radio less relevant. Quit being tyrants and let your associates make their own health care decisions!!!

  11. It’s really simple: He is trying to force his will on his employer. It’s their company. The law says they can mandate their employees to do things. It’s in his contract. He agreed to abide by the company rules. Now he’s telling them they need to change their rules, not just for him, but for everybody. He has no basis at all to tell his boss how to run his company. This has nothing to do with politics or rights or freedoms. You work for a company, and you agree to their rules. End of discussion. You want to do things your way? Start your own company. Or work for yourself. How would he like one of his employees to tell him what to do?

    If he wants to quit, he will them owe them money for breach of contract. Maybe that’s really what this is about. He wants out of his deal, and he’s burning down the house before he leaves it.

    • He has started his own company a couple of times. He is popular which is why they hired him. If they part ways Travis and Sexton will OWN that segment. Other companies have changed their stance as time goes on. Cumulus really needs to decide if they want to completely alienate the conservative listeners who ARE the customers for talk radio. Either way Bongino does well.

      • The listeners don’t work for the company, so it doesn’t involve them. Listeners aren’t customers because they don’t pay. The advertisers are the customers, and they don’t like controversy. That’s likely why they’re running repeats. Bongino is peeing in his own pool.

        • You fool yourself when you say “listeners are not the customers.” Of course, they are the customers. The listeners have to be satisfied or they won’t listen. Without them, the advertisers are not willing to pay to “rent” time to “speak” to the listeners.

    • We don’t know what the contract says. Typically contracts are filled with boiler plate that has been developed over decades of business law. I don’t think his contract has a stipulation that relates to them being able to mandate an action to take related to health care. As he has stated many times he is fully vaccinated.

      • Actually this company mandates an annual physical in order to qualify for company paid insurance. This company also lost one of their local talk show hosts, Phil Valentine, to covid a few months ago. His dying wish was that people get vaccinated.

        • People are still dying and passing the virus to others even though they are vaxed. Plus pharma companies have admitted that after two shots that whatever protection the shots give goes way down after a few months. Neither the masks nor the shots have stopped the spread.

          • The company isn’t getting into this argument. They instituted a policy. The courts say they can do this. Employees either follow the policy, or find another place to work. There are lots of other places to work that don’t mandate vaccines. Bongino isn’t taking the company to court or challenging them in any legal way. He’s just stating his opinion.

    • You sound remarkably compliant. A vassal, actually.

      You should investigate the difference between an employer and a monarch, though you’d likely be fine with them, as well.

    • There is no rational basis for these worthless mandates. That’s what your ilk apparently don’t understand (or simply don’t WANT to understand). It’s a f***ing flu, not the Bubonic plague! You’re just eager to join the herd in trying to force people to comply with stupid edicts and nothing more. There’s nothing scientific, rational, or sane about what you support. End of story.

    • What a crock of shit.. Dan is vaccinated so he is not ant vax. He is taking a principled stand. you “mandate” losers dont understand principle. Lets go Brandon

    • He is standing up for your and my choice. Bongino does what he says. I know snowflakes don’t get the concept of a man’s word these days; however, when a real man says something, he follows through. Dan is following through. Vaccine mandates are wrong. They are an infringement of personal rights given by God, not Cumulus.

      Dan is popular in his own right. He will continue to be successful with or without Cumulus. It’s time these companies understand that we are not afraid. We don’t cower down. Cumulus will lose listeners, and then will lose advertisers. You see, that’s how listeners are customers. Let’s go Brandon!

  12. Cumulus we need DB’s thoughts, get you head out of your rectum. The man serves you from a home studio and without physical contact with other employees. There only risk for your company is to having DB move elsewhere and we will follow him to that new broadcaster.

  13. Hey folks. The delta variant changed the entire epidemic. The best vaccinations are never 100% effective. But vaccinated individuals, though still capable of being typhoid Mary’s, are contagious for only 48 hours. The unvaccinated can expose others for a week or more.
    The death rate and severity rate are drastically reduced by the vaccines. Again, none are 100% effective. Unfortunately, we humans are sick of waiting for normalcy and thus have dropped precautions that other cultures have had for decades in their overcrowded cities, namely wearing facemasks when out and about in public. (Think Tokyo) As for why should I bother to vaccinate or wear a mask? It’s to reduce the risks to others and to reduce the chances of newer more virulent mutations coming into play. Sure, its your prerogative to not vaccinate at all or to choose your poison. But be aware of its impact on others.

    • Utterly ridiculous and shows a complete lack of knowledge on this issue. The data from around the world is in and these vaccines make things worse, not better. Not only does efficacy fade, after 6 or 7 months, the shot increases your chances of catching and spreading covid because these fake vaxs attack our immune systems. In Israel, UK, and other countries ahead of us in vaxing, hospitalizations and deaths are far more in the vaccinated than the unvaxxed. That is coming to America too, just look at Vermont and Maine. It’s time to quit believing the party line and actually paying attention to the facts. These vaxs are killing people. Listen the doctors and epidemiologists with plenty to lose. They are the ones telling the truth. Wake up!

    • Whatever Ira.Same old stale arguments.Every Virus Weakens as it morphs not strengthens as you imply. Thats science from like 6th grade . Im supposed to worry about Vaccinated people? The MSM/HIH lies being repeated doesn’t make them so.Repeating lies over and over doesn’t make them fact! If you are soo Afraid stay at home so the rest of America can live our lives Fraidy Cat.

    • Toughen up buttercup. I recovered from the Wuhan in less than 3 days. I’ll will be 50 yrs old in 14 days. No thank you on your experimental covid cocktail for me.

    • The impact should only be on others who chose not to get vaccinated. We are told there is minimum danger of death to the vaccinated.

  14. As long as he is not on radio, I will not listen. I will sacrifice not hearing my beloved sports team and not listen to any radio channel that is ok with the mandate. I don’t understand if the vaccinated can shed the virus and infect other vaccinated and unvaccinated what is the reason for the mandate. There should be the ability to test despite those are not 100% infallible either.

    I will follow his pod cast which is very much like the 3 hour show with missing headline new breaking in and no commercials

  15. -I have been and still remain a dedicated patriot.

    -At the ripe old age of 17, I stood in line in the MEPS (Military Entrance and Processing Station) getting every shot and vaccine under the sun back in 1990, yes, before Saddam Hussien invaded a small country called Kuwait. My fellow patriots watched from basic training the invasion and our training took on a higher priority.

    -Back in 1998, I stood enforcing the peace, specifically a ZOS (Zone of Separation) between warring factions in Bosnia Herzgovina and Croatia. We had the job of putting ourselves in between people wanting to kill each other on the Slavonsky Brod bridge.

    -In 1999, we rushed to Tirana Airfield in Albania to stand in between Slobodan Milosevic’s ethnic cleansing of innocent people during the Kosovo Air Campaign. We were ready to face down his military for a greater human decency.

    -Following 9/11, I stood atop buildings in D.C., prepared for another attack while listening to the President address the nation. I’ve seen the Potomac frozen over while we huddled on rooftops awaiting to hear from Secretary Rumsfeld to address a threat from a hijacked civilian airline.

    -I stood in line to get Anthrax, Smallpox and Yellow Fever vaccines before heading to Iraq and defend supply convoys through RPG alley (Rocket Propelled Grenade) outside BIAP (Baghdad International Airport). We defended convoys from Taji to all over Baghdad and FOB Anaconda while burn pits smoldered throughout all of 2004-2005.

    -I took booster vaccines before deploying to ISAF HQ (Interational Security Assistance Force Afghanistan). While our base camp was under a complex attack, I was ordered to hunker down while others defended the base- I had a greater mission to support with more troops counting on me- it was an extremely difficult thing for me personally because I am trained to head to the sound of the guns.

    -I have missed birthdays, tennis matches, anniversaries, funerals, suffered through a divorce from time away from home but still stand for the constitution protecting it from all enemies foreign and domestic. I bear true faith and allegiance to all others who have taken this oath the same. These have been unwanted but shared sacrifices by my family, daughter and spouse-my Mom insists her gray hair came from every deployment.

    -During the handful of government shutdowns in my career, I’ve stood in the breach filling jobs and positions of my civilian co-workers who were sent home. Yes, I did their job as well as my own because it needed to get done. I have served and continue to serve the greater good of the nation.

    -I have never asked for an exemption from my duties or responsibilities, I did ask my spouse for several weeks to help dress me (socks and undies) because I couldn’t bend and move due to back, knee and shoulder issues earned over 20+ years in the military. I would have to wait to take pain meds and muscle relaxers until I got to work so I could drive and then push on and do my job at work. I still came to work and did my job, it is what I do.

    -In the early months of COVID, while we’ve had less than 30% of our workforce working, I was here. I was covering down again on multiple co-worker mission sets because it was what needed to get done during this crisis. Just look at the threats emerging from Iran, North Korea, China and Russia-they didn’t take a break during COVID and our government leaders needed answers.

    -On average over the last 7 years I have lost use/lose leave because somebody in charge needed to be present to do the mission. My daughter has asked why do you have to deploy, why do you have to go to work while everyone stays home- I reply- if not me then who? I take this duty freely without any mental reservation of purpose of evasion.

    -I was told to follow the science, wearing the mask for two weeks would flatten the curve and save hospital workers. I was then told that we wouldn’t mandate masks only to face the first 100 days of the administration mandating masks. We were then told that vaccines weren’t going to be mandated, now the goal post has moved again and are required or else I have to leave my job in the military. Booster requirements are on the horizon with no end in sight.

    -Just this fall, as I watched fellow Americans and allies left behind in Afghanistan, I contacted my CG (Commanding General) directly volunteering to stand once more in the breach to do my part in making sure our people got home. I was told that I would get opportunities in the future. My Mom questioned what could I possibly do? I replied that- my experience down range would be used to make sure that we brought our people home.

    -This weekend medical evidence shows that double vaxxed people can carry the same viral load and pass this on to coworkers and family members. I just had a dear friend die from COVID passed on to him from a double vaxxed co-worker. The military has a collective vaccination rate of over 95%, what happened to the famed “herd immunity”? Since the beginning of the 245,000 servicemembers who have contracted COVID, we’ve lost 76, equaling an over 99% recovery rate. Yet, we pay lip service to the military suicide rate which accounting for over 500 men and women in 2020- which has a far greater impact at the family, unit, and base level than COVID has on readiness.

    -Now I stand at the precipice of my career, my time, my experience, my devotion to duty, my support and defense of the constitution, my family and bodily sacrifices to the military just aren’t enough anymore. I’ve stood for those who couldn’t, I’ve defended the defenseless, in standing for freedom I’ve defended the repugnant act of burning the flag as protected free speech. This is a different America than the one I’ve grown up in and the one I’ve stood to defend. Regardless of the decline in America, I am still standing for my civilian and military members that don’t want to declare their vaccination status or get the jab or get fired. Despite having multiple reasons to ask for exemptions over the years, I never have until now. I’ve always taken vaccines required to deploy and defend the nation. This is a vaccine required just to live and work here in the U.S..?? I’ve always done what is asked, gone where told, missed precious moments for the greater good–based on medical science and data, this vaccine requirement is not the greater good requiring additional sacrifices from me.

    To the GenZ’s, the millennial’s, the Gen Xers, the baby boomers and all of our elected leaders that have never served as we have- you are welcome for the freedoms and protections afforded to you by the young men and women in far away lands, who have stood ready to do violence on behalf of our country, our nation and our Constitution. We thought you would stand for us as we did the nations’ bidding, our nations’ leadership has turned on us by either commission or omission.

    • Thank you GI Jim for this post and for your sacrifice in service to America. Could please consider posting your message on as many platforms as possible. I believe it defines love of country and why it is essential for the survival
      Of our republic.

    • God do I feel honored to have you defend my country’s constitution. There is no way I can thank you enough in a material way. Just saying THANK YOU seems pathetic. I know some of the family issues I am a military brat that had a WWII era father that was almost never deployed during myat home life. I served as a Army Reserve but that contribution to this nation is pathetic as well.

      I am lost for how you thank you properly, other than to say I am Pfizer inoculated including the booster and have not had issues. As we both know it isn’t a vaccine but it reduces your chances of infection and lessens the severity of infection should I still get it.

  16. “Bongino has more leverage than most. The former NYPD officer and Secret Service agent is also a best-selling author, is a host on FOX News, with his own program on Saturday nights, and before partnering with Cumulus, was a successful podcaster. He said it’s unfortunate that people that are not heard on over 300 stations have been summarily shown the door or been put in an untenable position because they want to make a medical decision by themselves.”
    Hopefully this is the most absurd fanboy worship of a thrice-failed Congressional candidate and “Top 5 Misinformation Super Spreader” that any of us will read today. Who wrote this drivel?

    • You must be kidding? DB stance on the vaccine mandate is spot on! Just look at the 3 time vaxer peppermint patty! 3 vaccine shots and she comes down with covid19. Remember “two weeks to slow the cure? That was two years ago and you leftist still can’t defend your lockdowns.
      Just remember you leftist have no one to blame but yourselves.

    • Please give me one example of a conspiracy theory he’s pushing. He tells the truth and you don’t like it. He stand on principle and for people’s rights. I stand with him.

    • Sorry Rob… I’ve been listening to the podcast EVERY WEEKDAY for about 6 years. I’ve yet to hear misinformation. Granted, I’ve heard A LOT of information characterized by the hilariously dishonest biased Marxist media and low IQ fools like you as misinformation – but we’ve all gotten used to that scam and generally ignore the background noise. So yea, I’m a fan boy.

    • “Who wrote this drivel?”

      Posted the birthing person who claimed Bongino was Top 5 Misinformation Super Spreader – apparently beating every CNN “journalist”, Adam Schiff, Biden, etc and so forth. Be mildly amusing to see if a single Soviet Democrat propagandist who pushed the “Trump is a Russian Agent!” story for the last four years was in one of those five spots.

      Only a full auto belt fed regressive progressive Useful Idiot Soviet Democrat Apparatchik could post that kind of drivel.

      Rule One with Soviet Democrats: when they’re accusing somebody standing in their way of being guilty of something, it is a sure bet that it’s the Soviet Democrats who are doing what they’re accusing others of.

      That includes both writing drivel, and making disinformation into a science.

    • ROFL – My my, Danny’s little Fanboys have worked themselves into quite the lather! It’s like a veritable spontaneous ejaculation of hackneyed buzzwords & tired tropes. SMDH. Still wondering about that anonymous byline, though.


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