Nielsen: African Americans Consume More Media


New data shows African Americans spend more time consuming media than any other group, yet there continues to be a lack of representation of the collective Black community. Nielsen’s 2021 African American Consumer Report explores the influence of Black Culture on content and media trends.

“As the media industry looks to be more inclusive of Black storytellers and brands look to grow their bottom lines and brand awareness with Black audiences, understanding who we are, where we’re connected, and how we’re changing is as important as ever,” according to Charlene Polite Coreley, VP, Diverse Insights & Partnerships.”


Key findings from the report include:

  • The preference to connect with meaningful content extends to audio with traditional radio reaching 92% of the U.S. Black population each week, and this same group of listeners averaging over an hour and a half a week of streaming audio.
  • Traditional radio continues to prove the power of its reach providing the gossip, pandemic guidance, and breaking news that’s kept Black listeners connected this year, for over 21 million minutes a week.
  • Black listeners aren’t just streaming audio more than other audiences, they’re listening closely when brands reach out—averaging a 73% brand recall for podcast ads.

According to Nielsen, “As Black Americans continue to video stream, listen to radio and podcasts, as well as buy Black, they continue to lead the conversation and stay connected through social media — having an unprecedented impact on brands and what consumers watch, purchase, and listen to.”

The reports authors make the point that Black Buying Power is significant – $1.57 Trillion in 2020.


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