WECK Buffalo Hires Joe Chille For Afternoon Drive


Legendary Buffalo radio personality Joe Chille has joined Oldies station WECK to host afternoon drive. And, the station is being totally rebranded. Here are the details.

WECK is now knowsn as “The BIG WECK – Buffalo’s Oldies Station” as part of a full re-branding of the radio station by Great Lakes Media, which is now advising Radio One Buffalo. WECK can be heard on four radio frequencies, covering the entire Buffalo-Niagara Falls Metro and nearby Canada.

Chille, who stepped back from full-time employment as a morning show host and Brand Manager at Townsquare Media, departed WMSX on Friday after many years with the station and its predecessors to enjoy semi-retirement.  His position at WECK is part time.

Radio One Buffalo President & CEO, Buddy Shula stated, “We’re really excited to continue to grow our locally-owned, operated and programmed WECK with Joe Chille on our team – and we’re thrilled to have been able to secure the services of Great Lakes Media to lead us through this evolution and also the re-tooling of our programming and music as ‘The BIG WECK.’”

Great Lakes Media, a media acquisition company and local media advisory firm is headed by Buffalo native Tom Langmyer. He started his career in Buffalo at WBEN, WGR and other stations. He later held corporate roles with CBS Radio, Scripps Media and others. Langmyer said, “Great Lakes is in the business of LOCALISM in Media. We’re honored to work with one of the few remaining local broadcasters in my hometown of Buffalo. Great Lakes is ‘Famous for Localism’ and that makes our partnership with The Big WECK quite special – and a great fit.”  Great Lakes Media is focused on Radio & TV acquisitions, and works with select stations and companies as an advisory firm.

BIG WECK Program Director & Operations Manager, Glenn Topolski, has set the new line-up to include Tom Donahue in mornings, Roger Christian in middays and Chille in afternoons.  Topolski will host evenings.  Bobby O, who had been hosting afternoons, was recently promoted to full-time as Production Director. He will also be heard on weekends.

Joe Chille, stated “I can’t wait to start my next chapter at WECK, so why not start right away. I’ve known Buddy Shula, Tom Langmyer, Glenn Topolski and my fellow personalities for way longer than I can remember.  All longtime friends.”  Chille added, “I am so appreciative of my many full-time radio years at the Rand Building (WMXS) with so many great friends and will miss them!  It’s time now to sleep in a bit and I’m ready to play Oldies (today) on The BIG WECK!  I just can’t get radio out of my blood!



  1. Buffalo’s always been an incredible radio market and the principals involved in this project are determined to make this work. An AM station in the Top 10 focusing in on the region and a musical position no one else has ? Joe Chille has been part of the market for decades and brings more familiarity to a staff including longtimers Donahue and Christian! Langmyer has successfully managed stations in Chicago, St. Louis and Milwaukee but has strong roots in Buffalo. It may be market #59 but also reaches the most populous areas of Canada. They’re doing just fine!


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