Remembering Ron Tarsi


(By Buzz Knight) Life is clearly too short. The news of the passing of Ron Tarsi is evidence of that fact. Ron was one of my first bosses in the real job world and although like many situations we had drifted apart, I thankfully before his passing got to tell him how much he meant to me.

Ron Tarsi

My first job out of school, other than a blink of an eye stop in Lexington Kentucky was at I-95 WRKI in Brookfield Connecticut and that’s where I first met Ron.

He, along with a slew of other great people were fresh at the beginning of a mission to conquer the world of broadcasting.

We were all young, fresh, brash, naïve and wild eyed and Ron was the adult in the room.

Boy did we NEED the adult in the room then and from that first moment I met him he was a comforting figure in a very confused world.

Don’t get me wrong, we had a blast in those days learning the business but we knew virtually nothing on how to find our professional chops and Ron always had a grasp on things.

Then his role was News Director of WINE-AM/FM and he was one of those people who had naturally smooth talents as a presenter.

A voice that was like silk and a professionalism to match Ron was built on tremendous character and a big heart.

He had a tremendous sense of humor and early on you could see he would turn into a leader by the way he collaborated and brought the team together.

That leadership led him ultimately to the position of General Manager of the two facilities where he led a great band of merry men and woman to further heights.

Those two little stations in the shadow of New York City would prove to be a breeding ground for many talented people in the industry but more importantly Ron cast his imprint on how he helped shape the group as people.

Isn’t that the mark of a great leader and a great friend?

RIP Ron and Thank You!


Buzz Knight is the CEO of Buzz Knight Media and can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]


  1. Buzz, my sentiments exactly. Speaking about the adult in the room, I sat across a table from Ron when we had a meeting at WXCI at WCSU forty years ago! He brought our team together, and spoke of opportunities at WRKI-95. Because of Ron’s positive influence on people’s lives, inspiration, mentoring and leadership, broadcasters have landed jobs in Honolulu, Hartford, New Haven & NYC, just to name a few. It was a privilege and a pleasure to know you, Ron Tarsi – 95News.

  2. Buzz … your words are so very accurate about Ron. He was a great leader, a trend setter and most of all a genuinely good human. Thank you for sharing. I had not seen the news of his passing.

  3. Buzz, thank you.
    Ron was special- big heart, class act.
    Those of us who got to work alongside him were extremely fortunate.
    Thank you Ron for your support and friendship.

  4. Buzz, what a wonderful tribute to Ron! The world was certainly a better place with his presence and now hurting at the loss. May his legacy as a consummate radio guy live on and may St. Peter tell the Lord “he’s one of us!”


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