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Stacie Dupuy got into radio after meeting an on air personality during a remote. “You never know how your life will change with just one interaction,” Stacie told Radio Ink. She was in retail sales at the time and didn’t know a thing about radio or outside sales.

This host at the remote told her she had the personality and drive to make a successful salesperson radio. With no experience, she decided to apply for an account executive position at WWL-AM, the giant News Talk and Sports station in New Orleans, a time when sellers only had one station on their plate.

During her interview she was told hiring her would be “like throwing a sheep to wolves” and I would never make it. How’s that for building confidence for someone who walked through the door to apply for a job?

Stacie was undeterred and convinced the station to give her a shot. That was over 20 years ago. In 2014 the sales manager who gave her a chance recruited her to come work for him again as an AE at iHeartMedia. In 2017 Kevin Klein, Area President in Memphis promoted her to the GSM position in Memphis and in 2020 she took over as VP of Sales for Memphis and Tupelo.

iHeartMedia Memphis/Tupelo Market President Kevin Klein says he’s really proud of Stacie’s growth and how she has stepped up coming out of what was a really difficult year. “She is a very driven and committed, which is why we are successful in Memphis this year.”

Radio Ink: How did you know you’d be good at selling radio? When did it really click?
Stacie Dupuy: Honestly, I had no idea that I would be good at selling radio. It took a while to learn radio and even longer to learn how to get clients to talk about their needs and expectations. I was lucky to have sales managers who believed in me, encouraged me and challenged me along the way. I think it really clicked for me when my clients started to look at me as a marketing resource and not just a radio “sales person”.

Radio Ink: Why and when did you become a sales manager?
Stacie Dupuy: I always knew that eventually I wanted to move into a management role. I love to teach and had so much to share. After watching new sellers come and go and seeing so much talent walk out of the door, I knew I wanted to help develop the next generation of marketing strategist. Radio sales managers changed my life and I wanted to do the same for someone else. After 17 years as an AE, and many ups and downs, I followed my dream to the management side in 2017 as the GSM for iHeartMedia Memphis, TN.

Radio Ink: Why are you a successful leader of salespeople?
Stacie Dupuy:My team makes me a successful leader. There is nothing I won’t do with them or to help them. Understanding their needs, motivating and coaching them, pushing them to be the best they can be, being a resource for them and their clients and helping them achieve their goals, striving to accomplishing those things is what makes me a successful leader.

Radio Ink: Tell us how you spot a great salesperson
Stacie Dupuy: There is something about their drive. They are self-motivated and have a deep desire to learn and help businesses grow. Product and tactics can be taught but, desire has to come from within.

Radio Ink: How do you keep your team motivated?
Stacie Dupuy: We keep each other motivated. My team has a desire to win and help each other. It all starts with a positive team culture and work environment. Sometimes it’s a quick pep talk, sometimes it’s a more difficult strategy session but, I think my team respects my honesty and transparency. They know I always have their best interest at heart.

Stacie and her team at the Grammy Museum in Mississippi for the opening of the MTV 40 year anniversary where they honored Bob Pittman CEO for iHeartMedia. (L-R) Erica Jackson, Mike Comfort, Sue Purnell, Jan Michaels, Kevin Klein, Karen Mitchell, Stacie Dupuy, Ronnie Bloodworth

Radio Ink: What are you doing to always be on the lookout for new sellers?
Stacie Dupuy: Never stop recruiting. I have found the best people come your way when you are not looking for them. From recruiting sites to referrals, there is no secret sauce. Recruiting is difficult, but hiring the wrong person is even more difficult.

Radio Ink: How do you keep yourself sharp, up on all the trends, ahead of the competition?
Stacie Dupuy: Always continue to learn and grow. Read a book, listen to a podcast, hire a career coach, look for mentors, never stop learning and growing. I was recently a part of the Class of ‘21 RTTR program. Being involved in that program has helped me realize how many assets are out there and how many people are willing to help. All you have to do is ask.

Radio Ink: Over the past 18 months, what are you most proud of?
Stacie Dupuy: I am most proud of my team. Over the past 18 months they have overcome so many obstacles. In November of 2020 I took over as VP of Sales for Memphis, TN and Tupelo, MS. We had to adjust to a constantly changing market place, less support staff, online meetings, just to name a few. Not only did we adjust, we have met and exceeded all sales goals for 2021 and are continuing to drive the market.

Radio Ink: What advice, in this competitive environment, do you have for other sales managers across the country?
Stacie Dupuy: Build a safe, fun, and professional environment for your team. Ask don’t tell. Respond don’t react. Let them talk, listen, empower, make moves, add the right people. Put people in places they can succeed. And last but not least, honesty and trust go a long, long way in being a successful leader.

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