Marketron’s RadioTraffic Back Online


And the company reported last night that it’s safe to use. RadioTraffic is Marketron’s cloud-based traffic and billing system. Marketron was hit with a cyberattack over the weekend that CEO Jim Howard says came from a Russian organization called Blackmatter.

Marketron also posted a landing page for clients to check for updates.

A big concern for broadcasters was what they were going to do for logs on Tuesday.
Marketron posted a work-around for stations which included reviewing paper or PDF log files from prior days and reviewing the automation as-play file from the previous day.

Maretron also advised managers to ask their salespeople to see what paperwork they may have available for any orders that are currently running or are planned.

Read the full work-around HERE


  1. Hi, Thom. Marketron currently offers three traffic products: Marketron Traffic, Visual Traffic and RadioTraffic (RT). RT is currently back in service. Our teams are working around the clock to restore service to Marketron Traffic and Visual Traffic customers as well. Please check: for real-time updates.


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