Who Is Radio’s Next Joe Rogan?


(By Ken Benson) Joe Rogan is the most popular and highest paid podcaster in the world. His program is heard exclusively on Spotify and Joe Rogan’s notoriety has significantly boosted interest in podcasting worldwide.

Not long ago, Rush Limbaugh, Conservative Talk Show Host, and Howard Stern, the King of all Media, were respectively the Joe Rogan’s of AM and FM Radio. Love them or loathe them, they each had millions of loyal daily listeners nationwide, made obscene sums of money and were heard exclusively on radio. Together, Rush and Howard were radio’s greatest advocates.

Today, Radio still has many high-power personalities in markets throughout the country, however, none of them have the influence on a scale of Rush or Howard. During their reigns we would regularly find Rush and Howard on magazine covers, see them as guests on late night talk shows and frequently hear about their on-air antics and rants. They wrote best sellers, Howard stared in “Private Parts”, a film about his radio career, and Rush was the recipient of a Presidential Medal of Honor.

Now more than ever Radio needs our next generation of Superstars to showcase the incredible power of our medium. As an industry we must commit to identifying and nurturing talent and stand behind them as they hone their craft. Mel Karmazin had Howard’s back through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and we all reaped the rewards.

Who is Radio’s next Joe Rogan, or Rush Limbaugh or Howard Stern? Odds are good they may already be working in radio.

Ken Benson is an award-winning contemporary radio programmer. He is a co-founder and partner in P1 Media Group, providing insights and strategies to leading media companies around the world. He can be reached at [email protected]


  1. Well, you can’t create new talent if you’re firing them in droves one or twice a year. How about the radio industry invest in talent and not collective contesting? Or larger salaries for “content directors”?

    Put the focus on strictly talent and let them be free!

  2. Get the old PD’s out of the way. They are too focused on protecting their jobs and staying :safe”… Until then, they’ll keep the talent held down.


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