NPR Utah Station Launches Politics Podcast


NPR radio station KUER, which broadcasts from the University of Utah, is releasing State Street on September 13th. The goal of hosts KUER reporters Sonja Hutson and Emily Means is to make politics taste good.

“There’s so much history and context behind the laws that get passed and who gets elected. It often gets lost in the shuffle of breaking news,” Hutson said. “Emily and I wanted to make a podcast that equips people with the information they need to understand why those decisions are being made. Our goal is to make the political conversation more accessible to people.”

State Street is a new podcast produced by the state-wide public radio station KUER, NPR Utah. The show’s first six-episode season debuts Sept. 13, with new episodes released on Mondays. A trailer is now available, giving listeners a sneak peek at what’s ahead in the first season.

Emily Means is a lifelong Utahn. Sonja Hutson is a transplant to Utah from California’s Bay Area. Now, the two KUER reporters have joined forces to cover the sometimes wacky world of Utah politics. Together, they bring an outsider’s analysis and a local’s insight to State Street — along with their dry humor and pop cultural references.

“As politics reporters, Sonja and I are huge nerds who love talking about local and state issues,” said Means. “We want to share that enthusiasm and passion with everyone else. We want to be the cheese on the broccoli of being informed about Utah politics.”

State Street is for people who know that politics matters to them, but feel like they don’t matter to politics. It’s for people who keep up with the news until they’re tired of keeping up with the news. It’s a podcast that helps you understand not just what happens in Utah politics, but why it happens.

The show’s production team includes KUER’s All Things Considered host, Caroline Ballard, Digital Content Manager Chelsea Naughton, Programming and Production Manager Roddy Nikpour, Digital Producer Palak Jayswal and News Director Elaine Clark.



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