Radio Listening At Highest Level in Over a Year


Despite the most recent fears about the more contagious Delta COVID variant, Nielsen says audio use continues to increase and that’s being driven by people getting out of their homes. And, one of radio’s biggest strengths is reaching people in their cars and close to making a purchase.

According to Nielsen’s latest Audio Today Report, among the employed, two thirds are now working outside the home, up more than 70% since the height of lock-down in the spring of 2020. As a result, the AM/FM Radio audience just recorded its highest levels in 16 months across Nielsen’s PPM markets.
According to Nielsen’s latest report, in June 2021, 40% of heavy radio listeners listen in the car, compared to 28% in April 2020. Radio Listeners are active and mobile and are more likely to shop for groceries in a store, (87%) drive in their vehicle (83%), or get together in person with friends and family than the average adult (62%).

The latest study from Nielsen’s PPM markets says radio remains America’s top weekly reach medium and audiences are shifting back to pre-pandemic habits with in-car and out-of-home consumption increasing.

Nielsen is also reporting that consumers plan to spend across multiple categories, including major purchases, everyday items, travel and dining.



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