Ramsey Network Launches Another Podcast


The new Ramsey Network podcast shines a spotlight on the deceptive methods companies, marketers and scammers use to influence money decisions. ‘The Fine Print,’ hosted by Ramsey Personality George Kamel, is a bi-weekly show about the money traps and trends keeping people broke.

“For 30 years, I’ve heard the pain in people’s voices when they call into the radio show because of a money trap that’s left them in a world of hurt,” said Dave Ramsey, host of The Ramsey Show and CEO of Ramsey Solutions. “What if we could prevent that pain by empowering people to avoid the trap in the first place? That’s what ‘The Fine Print’ does. George educates listeners to recognize and steer clear of money minefields so they can be the heroes of their own stories.”

‘The Fine Print’ episodes include:
How TurboTax Is Screwing You
Is Bitcoin Be Your Ticket To Wealth?
The True Cost of Credit Card Rewards
The Dirty Truth Behind Your Credit Score
How the Robinhood App Steals from the Rich AND the Poor.

The first episode of ‘The Fine Print’ is now available for download.


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