Podsauce Picks Podcasts


‘Podsauce’ is a new podcast discovery show. The Audacy offering is designed to help consumers find new series and special interest episodes.

Dax Holt, among his other credits, spent 11 years with TMZ and hosts his own podcast ‘Hollywood Raw’. Alesha Reneé is an actress and television personality and has been part of numerous programs including ‘E! News’.

“With over two million active podcasts and nearly 50 million episodes worldwide, finding a podcast to listen to can be overwhelming. That’s where Podsauce comes in,” said Pam Russo, EVP/GM Digital, Audacy. “Through Alesha and Dax’s passion for this exploding medium, coupled with in-depth conversations with the people behind the content, ‘Podsauce’ will give consumers a taste of top shows – both in our portfolio and beyond – and spotlight the very best in the world of podcasting.”


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