Salem Taps Carl Jackson For Elder Replacement


Salem Radio Network will give host Carl Jackson Larry Elder’s slot on the network. Elder is running for Governor of California.

Elder signed off his show Monday announcing he was preparing to file formal papers to unseat first-term Governor Gavin Newsom.

Carl Jackson already has a show on Salem owned AM 950 The Answer in Orlando where he owns a business. he has been a regular substitute host for Dennis Prager on the Salem Network.

Jackson is a Black Conservative who grew up near Compton, CA. “When I was trying to find my way out of the poor life choices I had made, I read two of Larry’s books. Now it is such an honor to sit in his chair for a time, during Larry’s run for governor,” said Jackson.

“Carl has a warm and engaging personality on the air, and because he had to fight his way out of hard circumstances, he is able to convince others of his correct life style decisions,” said Phil Boyce, SVP Spoken Word Formats.

Because of the FCC’s Equal Time Rules; Salem must replace Elder on his radio show for the period of time he is a legal candidate, through the election on September 14th. If Larry loses Salem will return Elder to his position in the Salem Lineup, Monday through Friday 6-9pm ET.


  1. Ever notice that the most intelligent people you find on this earth are the ones who woke up to what the bible teaches, and realized that the truth is hard to beat, when you decide to follow after it.

  2. I am a democrat but I do not think every republican is bad and I also do not agree with everything that democrats fight for. I do not agree with CRT. I also don’t believe that giving illegal immigrants citizenship is right. I love immigration, when it’s legal. Anyways, I have listened to you and something’s you talk about I feel you are right on. There are others I don’t agree with but I do think you are very smart and make a lot of sense most of the time. I am glad you were the person that stepped in.

  3. Perhaps leave the negative behind regarding some of those Representatives in Government share methods to provide support of our troops, of Americans and allies would be beneficial to the events that have occurred would be useful to others

  4. Mr. Jackson, you are a superb place holder for Larry. With God’s grace and fair winds, you may someday hold political office. However, you should not vacate that chair until a suitable replacement is found. Here, in CA., I need to keep hearing voices of reason and compassion, just to make up for jerks like Joe Stoneless, who has to hide behind a silly bot tag.

    • Lots of laughs. Elder and Jackson do NOT show “compassion”, as you say. Compassion is not part of the mindset of right wingers, who espouse both darwinist thinking and disdain towards the poor, and towards minorities. They speak as though people CHOOSE to be poor. They do not. So please don’t call them compassionate, lol. They are anything BUT that!

    • Joe,
      Tell us how you really feel. I’m guessing you’re black but to even call another black the “N” word is appalling and demonstrates your educational aptitude or lack of one. Your life must be miserable. You must make $10/hr at your job but you probably don’t work and because of your attitude matches your derrière.

    • Joe, you are a despicable person. Seek help. You need it. I do not agree with Larry Elder’s politics or Carl Jackson’s at all. That said, they both deserve fundamental respect as people, and how dare you hurl racial and vulgar terms at my fellow Americans. Like I said, seek help or go back into the sewer that you crawled out of.

  5. Carl Jackson, what a great choice for hosting Larry Elder’s show. I read Carl’s Bio and appreciate Carl’s human come back story. Just shows how God can really work in our lives if we are willing to turn to him.

  6. We MUST Support Larry! This nonsense of the CommieLeft….must Stop!
    How Blessed are We to have Larry And Carl on the SiteofTheSane!
    God Bless Larry and the USA!

  7. I’ve discovered Carl Jackson today. He’s great. I’ve been a huge fan of Larry Elder for quite some time. I wish him success in his California Governor run. He will be good for California and this country. I look forward to hearing more from Carl. He will fill my listening pleasure 5-8 CT. AM1280 The Patriot. Good luck Carl. I enjoyed your short bio above.

  8. Carl, I heard you for the first time tonight, you are awesome. Just one recommendation, we need people like you in politics. Take Larry’s lead and go for it, you got my vote.

  9. I am listening to Carl Jackson, Larry Elder’s replacement while he pursues the governorship, hopefully with success. I appreciate Mr. Jackson’s intellect, honesty and engaging personality. Look forward to hearing more from Mr. Jackson.


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