He Says he Did Not Plagiarize


Former WNYC reporter Fred Mogul says he was wrongly terminated from the station and has filed a defamation and wrongful termination lawsuit against the station. Mogul says he included two sentences of AP copy in a draft version of his story, it was never included in the final story, and he believed he was following WNYC’s style guide.

Mogul was with WNYC for 18 years

He was fired by NYPR Editor in Chief Audrey Cooper. According to The New York Post, Cooper held a meeting with staff explaining her decision to terminate Mogul, which is where Mogul claims Cooper defamed him when she told staffers that he’d “signed his name on AP copy without having AP on the byline” and saying he “lifted another person’s words.”

The lawsuit alleges, as reported by The New York Post, that “Cooper summarily dismissed an 18-year veteran WNYC reporter, accusing him of plagiarism and deception, on the basis of two sentences of AP copy appearing in a draft unpublished story which he offered to rewrite which followed a link to the AP story and included an attribution tagline crediting AP, all in accordance with past practice in the WNYC Newsroom.”




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