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The June 7, 2021 issue of Radio Ink Magazine is out. There are so many ideas to help you improve your radio game in this issue, it took our entire staff a week to add them all up.

Until 5AM Wednesday morning you can have every one of these ideas at your fingertips, in minutes, for only $39 if you purchase an annual digital subscription to Radio Ink. That means 712 ideas instantly and another 11 issues over the next year. You’ll have so many ideas to help you build your bank account, you’ll need a bigger bank.

The 50 Best Programmers in Radio
Major markets, medium markets and small markets, great program directors are creating outstanding content for millions of happy listeners. We pick every one of their brains for their secrets. And you can steal all of them and use them at your station to grow your audience even bigger than it is now.

The Podfather Speaks
Podcasting is all the rage these days and Adam Curry is known for creating podcasting when he pitched his RSS feed idea to Steve Jobs at Apple. Now Adam is recreating podcasting with another brilliant idea called Podcasting 2.0. If you don’t own this issue you’ll be another ten steps behind in the race for podcasting revenue. PLUS Adam is a radio guy from back in the day. He has some stories about radio you are going to love. But you need to subscribe NOW.

The Jeweler People Hate Loves Radio
Howard Stern made Steven Singer a household radio name. Howard Stern and radio also made Steven Singer a very successful jeweler. In this issue, and in this issue only, Singer tells his radio story, why he still uses radio after 40 years and how you can pitch other advertisers so they can be as successful as he is.

How to Close More Sales
You sat around for nearly a year. You wondered how to call on your clients while they were struggling through a pandemic. You also needed to put food on your own table. Now, with normal life returning a warp speed your head is spinning. Dennis Cruz hits a home run with this column about how to close more sales in a post-pandemic world.

Of course there’s much more in the issue. This is just a tease. And until 5AM Wednesday morning, for $39, you’ll get this issue and 11 more issues all for that same low price of $39.

And, you’ll be ordering just in time for our most popular issue of the year — The 40 Most Powerful People in Radio — which will be in your inbox on July 12 if you subscribe within the next 39 hours.


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