Komando: People Do Not Trust Big Tech


According to a survey just released by nationally syndicated radio host Kim Komando, 86% of 6,351 people polled no longer trust big tech companies. Komando said, “Americans are finally waking up to the fact that when a product is free, they are in fact the product.”

Here’s what Komando found out in the survey:
• 82.73% of those polled say they think smart speakers listen to what you say all of the time instead of only when you use the “wake” words.

• Nearly 60% fear their smartphone is spying on their activity and have had advertisements populate for something they were just discussing. Komando recently explained in a recent “Daily Tech Update” episode that this phenomenon is likely dumb luck!
• 84% of survey participants believe targeted ads that are based on browser history to be invasive.

• Participants surveyed believe Big Tech has too much influence on politics, with Facebook and Twitter each at 92%.

• 67% of Facebook users would be willing to delete their account knowing that the social media platform tracks everything, sells data and cannot control what is posted on the site.

• 92% of people surveyed think Google knows too much information about their personal lives. To combat this, Kim has rounded up alternatives to Google that won’t track your information.

The national survey was disseminated to subscribers to The Kim Komando Show newsletters and 6,351 individuals across the United States participated. The Kim Komando Show is a three-hour weekly radio show airing on over 400 stations across the USA and on demand.


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