New Antiracist Podcast


iHeartMedia and Pushkin Industries will co-produce Be Antiracist with Ibram X. Kendi. Kendi is a writer and scholar that has looked into the policies that he believes contributes to racial inequity and injustice.

The 10 programs of the weekly interview show will build on Kendi’s extensive body of antiracist work, challenging listeners to consider what an antiracist society might look like and how individuals and communities can play an active role in building it.

“After a year that laid bare the pervasive racial inequity that continues to plague our nation, we must continue the difficult but necessary conversations that will allow us to imagine and erect a truly antiracist society,” said Kendi. “I look forward to exploring these topics with guests whose work I deeply admire and digging deep with them and with listeners.”

The first program debuts June 9.


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