SurferNETWORK Partners With RadioDNS


According to a press release from both companies the collaboration will allow radio listeners to experience a hybrid listening experience, dynamically switching between broadcast and internet radio. SurferNETWORK provides streaming services to radio.

RadioDNS combines the technologies of both broadcast radio and the internet adding an add an app-like functionality to radio broadcasts, allowing listeners with a RadioDNS Hybrid Radio enabled device to experience their favorite radio stations in a new and interactive way.

Since its establishment as a not-for-profit in 2010, RadioDNS has served as a link between Broadcast Radio and IP delivered webservices. Their aim is to bring better radio to more people, now from the comfort of their vehicles. By providing the DNS lookup, additional services are enabled, giving listeners a superior, interactive experience.

For more information about RadioDNS go HERE 
For more information about SurferNETWORK go HERE 


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