Conservative Show Pulled. It’s Not What You Think.


David DiPietro’s one-hour Saturday morning Conservative talk show will no longer be heard on WECK-AM in Buffalo. The New York State Assemblyman went on a Facebook rant that “this is how leftists censor Conservative Talk.” That’s not really what happened.

We reached out to the CEO of the company that owns WECK in Buffalo, Buddy Shula, who told us why he pulled the program. “Dave is a great guy and did zero wrong. He let me know his conservative platform right off the bat, and I was OK with that, but also was looking for the show to be a little more point, counterpoint. That really never came to fruition for whatever reason. I believe Dave reached out to the other side of the aisle, and they did not want to come on. As usual, we had great comments from the right and bad comments from the left every week. Nothing ever threatening for either side. They were just voicing their opinion. After I saw the Capitol riots, I decided that for the time being, we need to place the show on hiatus and informed Dave. He understood completely.”

Shula says he believes the message he sent to DiPietro may have gotten a little confused. “I had mentioned that I did not want to get threats or anything like that, as I saw what was going on in the Capitol, and he may have misunderstood that I was getting threats. Like I said, I never received any threats ever from either side.”

For the record WECK-AM is a music station, not a political talk station. Shula says he would have put a political show on hiatus no matter what side of the aisle was hosting it, after what he saw at the capitol.

Here’s what DiPietro posted to Facebook: ” Many of you have been wondering what happened to my radio show on WECK. The ratings and listenership were great! So much so, that WECK was going to expand the show to 2 hours! After the election, the owner received threats from Antifa types threatening to “burn down his station” if he did not remove me…..He could not risk losing everything he put his life into…He pulled the plug on the show….THIS is how leftists CENSOR CONSERVATIVE TALK….”


  1. What is missing from all of this cancel culture outrage, is the fact that the vast majority of right-wing talkers who have become a ‘free market success’ are in fact, professional liars. Hannity wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit him on the ass. Limbaugh is the same. FAUX News has been fact-checked to death and found to be deliberately lying and spreading false rumours, outright lies, conspiracy theories, and nonsense so often, there’s not even any point in bringing it up as a means of shaming them. It’s known that the truth is completely unimportant to them. They immediately slide into their ‘we’re an entertainment channel not a news channel’ excuse as a cover – all while maintaining the appearance of being a news channel, and spreading more lies.

    Now that the world has returned to some semblance of sanity,and once Trump told his followers that FAUX was no longer his channel of choice, their ratings plummeted. It seems that the liars ecosystem was fragile. The real point here, is that if this guy on WECK was promoting election conspiracy theories, QAnon nonsense, BLM and Antifa conspiracy theories, or whatever nonsense that has become popular in Trumpworld, then he should be canceled anyway. It has nothing to do with First Amendment, free speech, cancel culture or anything else. It’s about removing demonstrable and dangerous falsehoods from political discourse that incited a riot, caused deaths, and have created an unstable social and political environment. It’s on the liars. Bring back the Fairness Doctrine. Tell the truth.

  2. ‘TheBigA’: If you were in a beginning, high school debate class, you would have just gotten an ‘F’.

    Conflating “They need the federal money…” and “If the Republican governors felt…” is entirely fallacious. One has nothing to do with the other. Nice — but failed — try.

    • Nothing I said was false. Do your research. Most of the NPR stations are owned by state governments. That’s a fact. If they don’t need federal money they can stop it. If the states don’t like what’s on NPR, they can get alternative programming from someone else. Or they can sell the stations to a private owner. The public radio system is owned and run by the stations, and most of the stations are owned by the states. The stations in turn pay NPR for the programming. Look it up.

    • That’s a county office. Not the federal government. Not the same thing. The entire congress plus the VP wasn’t meeting inside the county office when BLM stormed the building with guns, knives, and cable ties looking to take hostages. They weren’t sent there by the president and talk radio to stop the vote counting and throw out the results of a certified election. They didn’t steal computers and federal papers. Do you not understand the difference? There is no “what-about-ism” that equates to what happened Jan 6.

  3. What happened at the capitol was an incident. An ugly incident, but an incident nonetheless. It’s over. It was not 9/11 and I find it nauseating to read/hear/see all of these people building it up as if it were. Not even close. It was simply an ugly hangover from the ugliness of 2020, including riots all over the country where dozens died.

    • You’re right it wasn’t 9-11. That was a foreign attack on American business. Jan 6 was a domestic attack on the government. Far greater evil. None of the BLM riots attempted to shut down the government or hang the VP. None of the BLM riots stole government documents or vandalized government offices. This was far worse. However, if it’s OK to attack the capitol, and the inciter goes free, there’s no reason why BLM rioters won’t feel free to do the same thing. If you think it’s over, you’re wrong. The attackers are planning another one. Why? Because the last one was a huge success and they got away with it.

        • In Portland, the president sent federal troops to put down the riot. In DC he specifically told the military to stand down and stay away from the capitol. That was an inside job. He wanted them to stop the count, he watched it all on TV and did nothing. That’s why he was impeached.

          • I guess you somehow missed the stories of the deaths and assaults/batteries, etc., inflicted by the leftie BLMers and Antifistas. Last I knew, Trump didn’t kill or maim anyone…or suggest it, as those suffering with ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ insist. The Capitol riot started well before Trump finished his speech…but the Left is so full of hate, it will refuse to admit that…

          • Six people dead in the capitol riot. Mostly police. Trump told them where to go and what to do when they got there. He told them he’d go with them, but he lied. If you want hate, listen to the audio from the capitol riot. “Hang Mike Pence!” They hate this country and its government. And today DHS put out an alert saying they’re coming back. There is no “what-aboutism.”

    • Apparently, you are not paying attention. The events of January 6th were witnessed live by a world-wide audience. The attack was an act of sedition urged by a sitting President of the United States.
      The left is not full of hate, as some say. It’s a matter of being disgusted about the behavior or a narcissistic, lying President.

  4. Whatever the reason, it’s another political show silenced by the climate. Liberal shows weren’t cancelled after a summer of riots, looting and burning. Hypocrisy and fear rule the day. Say anything not PC and you could be gone.

      • Sure there are. It’s called NPR…which has to be supported with a certain amount of our tax dollars in order to survive…as opposed to conservative talk shows, which are a huge, free-market success.

        Stop spewing exaggerated nonsense.

        • “It’s called NPR”

          They have no liberal talk shows or talk show hosts. Republicans go there all the time, and their CEO is a Republican. Republicans vote to appropriate the money to NPR, even when they controlled both sides of congress.

          • Conservatives in Congress do not willingly vote to appropriate money to NPR. They are essentially forced to do so, because NPR/PBS/CPB funding is forced into the huge, ‘take it all, or leave it all’ ‘omnibus’ spending bills by liberals and RINOs. If Congressional conservatives voted “No” on these spending behemoths, they would also have to vote against things they strongly support, like military spending, for example. I would have to look to be sure, but I don’t think Congress has voted on separate spending bills in several years. The omnibus bills circumvent transparency and accountability, including propping up the liberal NPR.

          • When they did vote on separate bills, the defunding issue came up many times and was defeated. The reason for the federal funding is many of the stations are owned by state governments. Most of the states are run by Republican governors and legislatures. They need the federal money to balance their budget. If the Republican governors felt the programming was liberal, they’d shut it down. They don’t, because it’s not.


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