A&G Bring in $1.2 Million For America’s Warriors


It’s one of the biggest fundraisers we’ve reported on so far for the 2020 season. Armstrong & Getty’s “Warrior Foundation Freedom Station Give-A-Thon” raised approximately $1.2 million. All proceeds benefit the Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station which helps wounded vets recover both physically and mentally from service injuries.

The funds raised will be used to purchase plane tickets for injured warriors so they can spend the holidays at home and with their families.

“After giving so much to protect our country, it is our turn to help thousands of servicemembers,” said Jack Armstrong, co-host of the Armstrong & Getty Show. “WFFS provides critical help to our injured military so they can get back to their families and their communities.”

“Thanks to our generous listeners, WFFS will be able to help hundreds of injured soldiers be home with their families just in time for Christmas,” said Joe Getty, co-host of The Armstrong & Getty Show.

WFFS also supports our military by providing transitional housing used during both recovery and the transition process.


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