The Spotify Spending Spree Continues


Early Tuesday morning Spotify announced it was buying podcast platform Megaphone to add to its portfolio of companies it has been rolling up, which includes Anchor, Gimlet, Parcast and The Ringer. Spotify is paying $235 million for Megaphone.

“We are still in the early chapters of the streaming audio industry story, but it is absolutely clear that the potential is significant,” said Dawn Ostroff, Chief Content & Advertising Business Officer, Spotify. “We look forward to Megaphone joining Spotify on our mission to accelerate smarter podcast monetization for advertisers and podcast publishers powered by a scaled audience and state-of-the-art technology.”

“We are incredibly excited to join Spotify to help advance the podcast medium for publishers and advertisers alike,” said Brendan Monaghan, CEO, Megaphone. “We believe that Megaphone and Spotify’s shared value in innovation will drive the podcast ecosystem forward around the world.”


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