Good News For In-Car Listening


With more people commuting to work, and kids being driven to school, there are more ears in cars. That’s good for radio. Cumulus’ Pierre Bouvard has a lot of the details from Nielsen’s latest national consumer study in his Thursday blog where he points out there was a big surge in commuting.

The 1,000 consumers were surveyed by Nielsen in early October. The ratings firm reported there was a 56% increase in the number of Americans working outside the home with 61% of U.S. workers not commuting to work. That’s up from 39% in early May.
Additional traffic on American roadways comes from sending kid back to school. Many states have offered parents the option of online learning or in-school classes. 50% of the people Nielsen surveyed said their children are driven to school. 44% of the kids take the bus.

And with all that additional traveling Nielsen is reporting that drive time audience recovery continues in the Portable People Meter markets. The ratings firm says the September PPM survey shows radio’s reach at 97% of March and average quarter-hour persons is 90% of March levels.

Read Pierre’s full blog HERE.


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